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» Poem: One Night of Pain {part I}
One Night of Pain {part I}
written by intearsforever
06:26 AM 4/23/05
She sat there,
Looking through her painful memories,
Picking which one hurt the most,
The one when she lost her cat,
Or the one where it all went wrong.

Where she was walking down the street,
Suddenly she heard a car,
Who would be out at 2:30 am?

That is what she asked herself,
She saw a van,
She couldnít tell the color,
It was too dark,
Some one jumped out,
They began running toward her.

She began to run,
But he grabbed her.
He stuck her with a needle,
Something to drug her
She could hardly move,
So she just let him drag her into the van.

Once inside he turned on a light,
She saw three men,
None older than 25,
They began to undress her,
Thatís when she began to dose off.

But she remembered feeling them,
They had raped her,
When she woke up.
She was in a bed,
A bed in an apartment.

Thatís when she thought she was going to die,
She was tied up to the bed,
She could hear them in the next room,
She was still too tired to get up,
So she just lay there,
Not knowing what to do.

They had dressed her in a silk gown,
Then a man came in,
He was tall,
He had black hair,
And he had a name tattooed on his right arm.

He came over and untied her,
He picked her up and took her into the bathroom.
He gave her a bath,
Then put her clothes on.

He then took her out to the van,
Then he drove her down to where he had picked her up,
By the time they got there she was more awake,
He told her she had been great,
But now she had to leave.

So she opened the door and got out,
He drove off,
And she went home,
She snuck in through her bedroom window,
And saw it was 10:00 am.
She got into her bed and went back to sleep.
But her dreams were full of painful memories of that night.

A week later,
She had been shaving her legs,
When she nicked herself,
She watched,
As the blood would rise.

She was suddenly numb,
She didnít feel the pain,
So she took a pair of scissors out of the cabinet,
And she made a small cut on her left arm,
Once again she was numb,
And that was chapter 1.

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

Author's footnotes and comments on this Poem:
Read the second one..it tells the ending

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