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» Quiz: Are you a good girlfriend? (girls only)
Are you a good girlfriend? (girls only)
created by coachz100

Are you a good girlfriend?

1.) Are you a virgin?
yeah, that's just discusting!
NO, I do it every night!
No, I did it once

2.) What is the age difference between you and your boyfriend?
We're the same
2-5 years
6-10 years
100-9000000 years

3.) Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?
Yeah, once

4.) If your boyfriend wasn't horny but you were what would you do?
shove a viagra down his throat
put your head on his shoulder
put your legs on his lap
take your clothes off andjump into bed and wait for him to get horny
watch porn

5.) What would be an ideal date?
A movie
The beach
his place
burger king

6.) After every time you see your boyfriend what do you do?
Make out w/ him!
just wave
say, call me
wave like you want to have sex

7.) do you/ have you ever look other guys while on a date?
I did once
no never!

8.) say ur bf gives you sumthing stupid like a toothbrush for your b-day...
you throw it in his face
u pretend to be happy
pretend to like it but ask for a recept
give it to ur friend as his/her b-day gift

9.) do u think ur a good girlfriend?
I think I'm ok
i think im not that good

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