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Quiz TitleAuthorHotHitsRatingDATE
are You my Type? (Guys only)-haNnaH-394459none3/15/05
Are You Yellowcard Or Blink-182?YellowcardLuvr355406none3/15/05
WHAT BITCH ARE YOUx0x_pimpess_x0x396466none3/15/05
what should this quiz title be?Ferretlover339399none3/15/05
what WWE superstar are youtufo240365416none3/15/05
Which cuss word are you?~*me*~334398103/15/05
what SBW superstar are youtufo240360405none3/15/05
Can You Handel Me? (Bi/Lex only)hot_wet_lesbian401492none3/15/05
would i let u fuk me?simply_sweet_2005591676103/15/05
The Best InuYasha Quizze ever!kathleen344408none3/15/05
how will u die?sports87girl4396459none3/15/05
Your element of fightingMidnight_Flame399477103/15/05
Which Rugrats Character Are You?HottieBlondie93344400none3/14/05
Are you a punk?nikkoal071937142903/14/05
How pretty are you?Luckycharms490604103/14/05
would i like you [ females only]big_monkey_luva37845053/14/05
Are you my sex partner?.:guys only:.xosurfingxcutieox530616none3/14/05
What is your school label?Iamapersonguy6593328390none3/14/05
Are you Beavis or Butthead?Donnie_the_Nimrod334406103/14/05
wat pet r u?Greendaygirls2347343413none3/14/05
Do you really love him?.:girls only:.xosurfingxcutieox327405103/14/05
when the world is myne will i spare u?I_HATE_ME387446none3/14/05
are u sexy enough 4 me?hottpinkcheerleadinGuRrL438531103/14/05
What Green Day song r u?Greendaygirls2347352435103/14/05
would i let u fuck me? (GUYZ ONLY! NO LEZ!)hottpinkcheerleadinGuRrL571672103/14/05
Are You a Black-Hearted Angel? Or a Black-Winged Angel?Katsura_Satsuki333391none3/14/05
Are you a prep, skater, punk, or goth??Sumblondemoments327413none3/14/05
Would I ever date you?inuyasha22302363none3/14/05
do U have wat it takes to b a model (girlz only!)hottpinkcheerleadinGuRrL343412none3/14/05
r u like my best friend heather - huh, probably nottdlapre341408none3/14/05
How stupid are you?inuyasha22330393none3/14/05
are u naturally slim?hottpinkcheerleadinGuRrL325389none3/14/05
would i let u fuck this hot wet pussy? (bi/lez girls and guys)horsebabe1211071265none3/14/05
Which are you?StarNoStar347419none3/14/05
Are you suicidal?xXxInsaneInsidexXx3314057.53/14/05
What do we think of you(me and my friends)Aerius33340553/14/05
What kinda fun would we have?Sexy_lil_Brie389474none3/14/05
Which Star Ocean: till' the end of time Character are you?Goahsiu351426none3/14/05
What salad finger episode will you like best? With links to each episode!mashhead69299372none3/14/05
How fashionable are youbabyiverson03354439none3/14/05
Which Linkin Park Member are You?Goahsiu33441783/14/05
WILL YOU HAVE A HAPPY MARRAIGE???dillpickleem21308397103/14/05
Are you a drugie ???PunkLoverEmo7839948203/14/05
Which Fruit Are You???Nougat32040283/14/05
What is Your View on Life?bleeding_tears30238253/14/05
are you mi type of gal/guyEmilyxlouise31439403/14/05
What kind of HIM fan are you? (lyrics)bloody_wicca307384103/14/05
How Evil are you?Vicki350421none3/14/05
WILL U LIKE ME???(guys only)LaLaine_JFA293357103/14/05
Yo nIggA wAt rAcEr uEARVIN8O83984998.333/14/05
Would I let you fuck me?Britt101000147357383/14/05
Which Occult Religion are you?DaemonChic666549673103/14/05
could you be my guyBritt1010001305370103/14/05
Who u r?Gk66321382none3/14/05
Are you a slut?$Too_Sexy_For_You!$484612none3/14/05
Which person from the Nightmare Before Christmas are you?sugerhigh2135043673/14/05
Are u gay?bobendra331404103/14/05
What kind of shoes are you? 10 ACCURATE RESULTS!Talk_is_cheap--so_am_I309395none3/14/05
What kiind of person are you?Melissa_Woods199430738003/14/05
WHICH PLANET ARE YOU???dillpickleem21319384103/14/05
What D&D Character are youUzra331411103/14/05
Do you masterbate too much?LiFeIsKoRnY213573662none3/14/05
would you think im prettyDanny_girl11330237183/14/05
How big of a Led Zeppelin fan r u?mike118657314395103/14/05
WHICH HOLIDAY ARE YOU???dillpickleem21322402103/14/05
WHAT FLAVOR ARE YOU???dillpickleem2135043983/14/05
What Lord of the Rings Character Are You?OnST316382none3/14/05
Which Horror movie are you most like?(pics)stellargirl007338413none3/14/05
me amas?necrofilic31138003/14/05
What kind of kiss are you?strange_chick31643453/14/05
Which Boy Meets World Character Are Youfenderguitars16300380103/14/05
how short are ur skirts?blondeatbrians377505103/14/05
How insane are you?xgirl30537803/14/05
emo or punk?myheartconfided315404none3/14/05
what is your personality?bracefaceathena306380none3/14/05
how well do u fuck???monkey_manosn294369none3/14/05
What Yugioh Character are you most like?BiggestxYougiohxFan16288362103/14/05
what type of friend are youLo89316384none3/14/05
Want us?sexytwins72434640383/14/05
What Kind of CS Player Are You?benihana1212306355103/14/05
WHICH MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE PERSON ARE YOU>>>>>>>>>>>?????????????emoisreallycoollikeme3184215.333/14/05
which R.R gurl character are you?xXxXxRAVENxXxXx323376none3/14/05
What is your school label?Iamapersonguy659336149013/14/05
Are you a racist person?xBrokenxDoll315379none3/14/05
What Boy Degrassi Charecter is FA YOU??(FA GIRLIES)LOLBAMS_HELLA_HOTT145326405103/14/05
which saved charactor are you???pinkyandthebrain333399none3/14/05
r u insecure with urself?hottpinkcheerleadinGuRrL364472none3/14/05
Are you Beautiful, Sexy, Pretty, Hot, or just plain Cute?KatieKat7987350471103/14/05
Which SBW wrestler are you Most Likedeathdealersbw331380none3/14/05
How good are you with a girl? Talk or Action?rissayy297353none3/14/05
what brand of clothing are youzumiez_babe101318406103/14/05
GUYS::: would i be your friend? maybe with benefits?fairysvenom2728436273/14/05
Enough luv?Jenc113424254.53/14/05
are you pUnK or evil goth???pooperscooper315395none3/14/05
What band do you belong in?eliza_stnky306405103/14/05
Which wrestler r u?crazychik337418none3/14/05
What type of guy is right for U?! (Very true reasults!)Gistle516646103/14/05
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