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Quiz TitleAuthorHotHITSRatingDate
Would I Fuk U??candibrandi69013none12/12/04
Am I secretly in love with you?QUIZ 2candibrandi69040none12/27/04
What Kind of Drunk are You?zc19crx90047none12/3/04
What is your weapon?wirdogal057none11/7/04
What Kind of Punk are You?screaminsilence06809/28/04
What is you personality?wirdogal071none11/2/04
which one of my friends are you?Jerilovesgreen5782612/21/04
What greek god are you (men only)devlskat5982none1/6/05
should u be my companion??mansons_slave5882none1/23/05
are you a ericpron588251/24/05
what inuyasha character are you?(its pretty accurate)Fallen_assassin5782none1/25/05
OMG Not another Quizwillwkbrd6382none2/4/05
Which Male Tv/movie character would be your best match?sashash75582none2/27/05
What Rap Artist am I??ShattrD-LtD5982none3/6/05
what does sadie mean to you?Sexy_Sadie5682none3/8/05
Which instument are youxxfunkeymunkey588253/9/05
which of my friends are you most likegone_insane5782none3/12/05
which one of my crazy homegurls are you?donna20002005628263/12/05
Which Halford song describes you?Madison_existence6082none3/12/05
Benny and Joon Quiz.jcdluvr275782none3/12/05
Are you like me???NCpunkrocker588358/26/04
Are you a swot?Blondie1.0558351/11/05
Wad tv show iz u?iluvdicks5483none1/19/05
Which one of my friends are you most like?medievalkaitee6383none1/29/05
r u a punk or poser (guys only)punk_chik16538352/2/05
What horse or pony at Hickory Run Farm are you?Charismatic5628302/13/05
What Kind of Girl Do you Like?sashash76283none2/16/05
What hat are you?bullrider5383none2/23/05
Are you a bookworm?doyaneedaspankin6083none2/27/05
would u go out with me?? guys only plzmouldypeanut695383none2/27/05
which useless item are you?bassman1005283none2/28/05
How much do I like you?melpomene_blessed_89618363/1/05
What make up brand are you??roxyrocks5383none3/5/05
r u randy and want meloking_for_love6283none3/5/05
what horse are ukinzers916283none3/6/05
who are u in the band DOPExbingox216x6283103/8/05
Which Spongebob character are you?simple_suicide588303/8/05
What social group do you hate most?Raidon5983none3/9/05
WHATS YO MOOD CRACKAAA!! take this quizz...fadedDreamz275483none3/9/05
Are you mad tite?nathankidz588452/1/05
Which David Bowie are you?i_want_bowie5884610/10/04
are you a goth charv ect.hi_im_flo5884none12/2/04
WHAT KIND OF DOGGY ARE YOU?spanky6284none12/19/04
What is your city?kerlyq0260848.51/2/05
Are you a good friend?jacobstwert5584none1/22/05
Would you be a friend of MDog's?DJSarabi658491/22/05
Are you naughty or nice?blairness5984none1/22/05
what male country singer are you going to marry?KCfan2005628401/29/05
rich or notAdio-skater578451/30/05
only for gregconartist638402/2/05
Quiz for youconartist57843.332/2/05
what import engine are you?greekfreak6384none2/2/05
What sport should you do?ilovehorses566384none2/4/05
What Teen Titan are you?Raven67860844.52/5/05
Which One Of My Friend's Are You?dysfunctional_apathy6384none2/10/05
What breed of horse are you?pintoredroan618452/10/05
Are you a Retard? (PICS)ilovestevenholmes5584none2/12/05
CS 1337n3ss T3stsHaDowMoBsTr6384none2/13/05
Which One Of My Firends Are YOU?!?cuttinggivesmefreedom6284none2/13/05
Message me!Mysterygurl6384none2/13/05
How Sheed are you?dasrulez6184none2/13/05
Would i like u Guys Only?slipknotgirl5784none2/13/05
would i date you? (guys only)gdy2shoes10266284none2/13/05
Which Johnny the homicidal manaic character r u?Bloodsplattered_Fears63849.52/14/05
What the used band memeber are you?empty_inside6184none2/14/05
Would I find you hot?(guys only)me17588402/16/05
What Kind of Simpsons Character Are You?!?!laggy46384none2/18/05
Which Salior Are You?CooL14Ever6284none2/19/05
Who r u at a party?Krazeechicka6384none2/19/05
What doggy job suits you best?Hippy6484none2/20/05
Are You My True Love...? (guys only)BohemianRhapsody6184none2/19/05
What Kind of Friend Are You?me2676484none2/19/05
Would life be better off without you?filakia5584none2/19/05
how lame are you?omfgz618402/19/05
What Rocky Horror Show character are you?death_in_a_bottle6384none2/19/05
wat will and grace character r uthedragonknight648462/21/05
what Type of Butterfly are you?affluva4life6584none2/21/05
what kind of cake are you?skaterbrat12548452/22/05
take thgis quiz nowpython_person6484none2/22/05
Would you like to go back to the 1950s/60s?rocknroll_19565784none3/6/05
what band r youTragiclyBrokenWings628462/23/05
which element are youbutter-fly58849.52/23/05
are u a pimpsk8erpimpsk8er59848.752/23/05
Are you Emo???My_Tourniquet4206484none2/24/05
Are You The Real Deal?Salizixoxo6084none2/24/05
What Famous Horse are you?clancyb26284none2/24/05
What Candidate Would You Be Bush or Kerry?Tampaboy628442/27/05
Which Aladdin character are You?aladdin1354843.52/27/05
Check It!!TehLadyMagnet6084none2/27/05
aRe we peRfect fOR eachOtheR?? (guysz)x0xluvyooh1436284none2/27/05
Are you a PUNK? or prep? or a bikini babe?depressedgothgirl5384none2/27/05
Could we be friends or more?ana4eminem6284none2/27/05
How game crazy are you???Trunks777776084none2/27/05
what fake schal school shuold you go to328b5684none2/27/05
are you good enough for me?emokormy5584none2/27/05
How do you feel about me?confused_0ne5584none2/27/05
Are you gay?vixon056484none2/28/05
Which Medio song are you?oasis_18252849.52/28/05
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