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Quiz TitleAuthorHotHITSRatingDate
Would I Fuk U??candibrandi69013none12/12/04
Am I secretly in love with you?QUIZ 2candibrandi69040none12/27/04
What Kind of Drunk are You?zc19crx90047none12/3/04
What is your weapon?wirdogal057none11/7/04
What Kind of Punk are You?screaminsilence06809/28/04
What is you personality?wirdogal071none11/2/04
should u be my companion??mansons_slave184none1/23/05
are you a ericpron18451/24/05
which of my friends are you most likegone_insane184none3/12/05
what male country singer are you going to marry?KCfan200518501/29/05
What hat are you?bullrider185none2/23/05
Are you Emo???My_Tourniquet420085none2/24/05
r u like mefucking_mental085none2/26/05
how would you kill Garth Brooksi*fuckin*hateyou085none3/4/05
Qual amiga minha eh voce?Nulyth085none3/8/05
What social group do you hate most?Raidon085none3/9/05
WHATS YO MOOD CRACKAAA!! take this quizz...fadedDreamz27085none3/9/05
which one of my crazy homegurls are you?donna2000200518563/12/05
Which Halford song describes you?Madison_existence185none3/12/05
Benny and Joon Quiz.jcdluvr27085none3/12/05
Are you like me???NCpunkrocker18658/26/04
Are you mad tite?nathankidz08652/1/05
quick happy quizbloodyfairy086none9/25/04
GAY...STRAIGHT... OR JUST PLAIN WIERDvhill7086none11/1/04
WHAT SPORT ARE YOU!!!ccknowisherthinker086none11/28/04
are you a goth charv ect.hi_im_flo186none12/2/04
Would i ever hang out with you?e_race_me086none12/6/04
how well do you know me?cherioYO086none12/8/04
Would i like the kind of sex you would give me?(boys only)SexiBabe086none12/18/04
WHAT KIND OF DOGGY ARE YOU?spanky086none12/19/04
Which Family Guy character are you??stewie666_psycho086none12/20/04
ARE YOU GAY?mamacass086812/21/04
which one of my friends are you?Jerilovesgreen186612/21/04
Wheich one of my Friends are you? (Including me!)lemonsniffer3289086612/21/04
which one of the 7 wonders of the world are you?Bluangil13086512/23/04
What Kind of Tan are you?KellMeg086none12/29/04
juggualugalo are u muthafakobiohazurdus086812/30/04
Are You Addicted to Quizzes?silly_boy186none1/1/05
Do u trust ur boyfriend to much? (girls and bi boys)SpasticCutter1868.51/2/05
What is your city?kerlyq020868.51/2/05
does he like you??? (for gurls only)figure_skating_angel186none1/4/05
What greek god are you (men only)devlskat186none1/6/05
R U A BEST FRIEND??karlix18631/8/05
Are you my type? (boys only)hot-babe086none1/11/05
Are you a swot?Blondie1.018651/11/05
Wad tv show iz u?iluvdicks286none1/19/05
HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW HARDEE'S GOODIES?gothmaniax086none1/21/05
what type of tv are youghost395008601/21/05
Are you a good friend?jacobstwert186none1/22/05
What breed of horse are you?????sky_rider`18681/22/05
Would you be a friend of MDog's?DJSarabi18691/22/05
Would I date you?!?MaGgOt_CoRpSe_AnGeL08691/22/05
Are you naughty or nice?blairness086none1/22/05
which jay and silent bob strike back character r u?chrisB182186none1/25/05
what inuyasha character are you?(its pretty accurate)Fallen_assassin286none1/25/05
Are you part of Tokyo Mew Mew?ekc400186none1/26/05
Which Sex and The City character are you?Keira_KnightleyFan186none1/27/05
Are You Good Enough to be MY Friend?Angelpunkrocker1867.51/28/05
Is it time to move on?clarabelle1018641/28/05
are you an eric or a george bushcuntfromhell08651/29/05
rich or notAdio-skater18651/30/05
which of my frwnds are yiouson202186none1/31/05
r u a punk or poser (guys only)punk_chik1608652/2/05
What sport should you do?ilovehorses56186none2/4/05
Which of my favorite musicals should YOU be in?PhantomMask18672/4/05
What Teen Titan are you?Raven6781864.52/5/05
How much like me are you?Marigold186none2/5/05
Which One Of My Friend's Are You?dysfunctional_apathy186none2/10/05
What breed of horse are you?pintoredroan18652/10/05
Are you a Retard? (PICS)ilovestevenholmes086none2/12/05
What Simpsons character are you?nsemper08602/12/05
CS 1337n3ss T3stsHaDowMoBsTr186none2/13/05
Which 70s Band Are You?FemmeFatale086none2/12/05
Which Message Board do you belong to?DopeQueen13666186none2/12/05
Which One Of My Firends Are YOU?!?cuttinggivesmefreedom086none2/13/05
Message me!Mysterygurl186none2/13/05
How Sheed are you?dasrulez086none2/13/05
Would i like u Guys Only?slipknotgirl186none2/13/05
What horse or pony at Hickory Run Farm are you?Charismatic518602/13/05
What Breed Of Horse Are You?goalietgd186none2/14/05
Which Johnny the homicidal manaic character r u?Bloodsplattered_Fears1869.52/14/05
What the used band memeber are you?empty_inside186none2/14/05
what is better.. for or chevy?FmFsExMaChInEgUy086none2/23/05
Are you Bay or Gray? (horse quiz)dude-kat186none2/15/05
What Kind of Girl Do you Like?sashash7186none2/16/05
Would I find you hot?(guys only)me1718602/16/05
How Much Do You Love Me?IloveDaveyHavok086none2/18/05
What Kind of Simpsons Character Are You?!?!laggy4186none2/18/05
Are You My True Love...? (guys only)BohemianRhapsody186none2/19/05
What Kind of Friend Are You?me267186none2/19/05
Would life be better off without you?filakia186none2/19/05
how lame are you?omfgz18602/19/05
Do you loose it under pressure?magared086none2/20/05
what kind of cake are you?skaterbrat1208652/22/05
What kind of Juggalo/Lette are uxXTwiZtiDLette617918672/22/05
Mystical Creature Soulsomething_original186none2/22/05
Would you like to go back to the 1950s/60s?rocknroll_1956186none3/6/05
Which one of Mr Blythe's students are you?e_madden08682/23/05
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