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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
Which Charmed One R U?Troton23052201/1/04
are you a hottie or just a cutie?ShodowedSoul0250802.092/9/04
What kind of demon are you?Vamperic_Demos0296391.713/5/04
how much do i like you?bye bye world044445/3/04
What Kind of Punk are You?screaminsilence06809/28/04
Why do you cut yourself?DarkAngel71909763.3310/18/04
What is you personality?wirdogal071none11/2/04
What is your weapon?wirdogal057none11/7/04
Are u a vampire??Elizabetha036862.0811/18/04
What Kind of Drunk are You?zc19crx90047none12/3/04
Would I Fuk U??candibrandi69013none12/12/04
Am I secretly in luv with u?(Guys,Lez or bi's only!!!)candibrandi69099none12/27/04
Am I secretly in love with you?QUIZ 2candibrandi69040none12/27/04
Which Tenchu Charecter ar you?Mitsurugi138951/24/04
Would i ever take a piss on you?insanebitch20001205510/13/04
Which Disney Character are You?kmshalias51168510/8/04
How many friends will you have this year?crazydwarf51104512/7/04
are you really in love?sAnDrA*DeE51100none12/8/04
do i like you?i_love_vampire_freaks5186none12/9/04
What group would you more than likely hang out with?e_race_me51121none12/10/04
what kind of person are you?...GothicSin51146none12/12/04
what song describes u!!!!!!!!!!!kinkykitten5110157.4512/11/04
Would I like u as a friend?crazy changa5186none12/12/04
If we dated, what would our relationship be like?seemsxextrdnry5188none12/12/04
What Kind Of Smart Are You?KemmieKonoYasuo511458.6612/12/04
Which Underground Hip Hop Song are you?Raytard512198.7512/13/04
Is he/she right for you?lilpixiegirl628511657.512/14/04
what good charlotte song are you?!bloodygcskater51132712/14/04
What alcoholic drink are you?crappypunk_chic511517.512/14/04
What type of horserider are you?HorseRidingPrincess2005511348.2512/17/04
Which MOVIE is most like youtaffy75165120654.8112/19/04
What type of girls do you really fall for?littlemiss511469.2512/19/04
which one of these obscure words are u?GRAVEYARDGOTH51134none12/19/04
IF U WERE A DRINK...U WOULD BE???sassysonia8751106none12/20/04
Are you Creative, Friendly, Lonely or LovingGemmiez51110612/20/04
The Hoodwink sex testhoodwinkfanbase511845.512/22/04
Whats really beneth your smile?Seirc51144812/23/04
How bad is your life?ConfusedMemory513732.512/25/04
Are you alone?falling.tears511568.3312/27/04
are you KOOL?! or a mindless soul that i shall crush effortlessly on my way to becoming ur queenpsykoclown08511537.3312/27/04
Do You Know What Emo Is?falling.tears511857.512/28/04
Which body part are you?intheblinkofaneye51129712/28/04
which walnut sophmore nerd are you?sofia5191812/29/04
truely cute?petite_morte511926.512/29/04
what type of girl are u?SexiSpoiledBrat151127812/29/04
Which of my friends are you?shadow_catcher51191512/30/04
WHICH PUNK BAND FITS YOU?gfyrocks51106812/31/04
does he really love you ?midnight_french_kiss515755.661/2/05
What kind of person do i think you are?dumb1ond14351924.51/3/05
What the hell are you?black-death519751/3/05
would i date u?salt_sweat_sugar5114751/3/05
What kind of person do i think you are?dumb1ond1435111451/3/05
Does he like you or is he just playing around? GIRLS ONLYJacksChick51117none1/4/05
Would I like you?(not that you'd give a damn)dark_wiccan_potty5118781/5/05
wots your image?flogglywoggly51104none1/6/05
what type of person are u?????Deaths_Advocate_519351/7/05
how smart are youdeath_dragon10051893.331/8/05
r u in luv w/ billie joe armstrong?I_LOVE_GREEN_DAY666511782.51/8/05
what color eyeliner r u?I_LOVE_GREEN_DAY6665125591/9/05
would i do u hard, wet and wild or just be romanticsex_bunny695192none1/10/05
what punk rock hottie will u marry????I_LOVE_GREEN_DAY666514676.661/10/05
Are you good or bad?Blondie1.05187none1/10/05
what kind of guy will u go out w/ next?????I_LOVE_GREEN_DAY666511996.661/10/05
What movie goddess are you?ironicmaiden51111none1/11/05
What color Rose are you?ironicmaiden51109none1/11/05
What Charlies Angel are you?ironicmaiden518861/11/05
What Song Should you Fuck to?StumblieneSuperqueen511587.51/12/05
Will i date you (girlz Only)Korn_rulz515094.251/15/05
what kinda pop/rock singer are u?sweetheart51105none1/17/05
What color horse are you?BillabongBabe555198none1/19/05
Are you cool enough?Superfreek511176.661/19/05
Are you a communist?onifalkon518301/19/05
Would you be right for me?sweetsk8er5186none1/20/05
Do I want your finger deep inside my pussy? (Bi n lez girls only)horney_4_u513688.81/20/05
Do u deserve to lick the gum off my shoesstrange_chick5114851/22/05
wat pokemon r u?BloodBaron365110351/23/05
r u right 4 me?sExI_bAbii519451/23/05
How metal are you?SpiritCrusher6665112931/23/05
What Season Are You?LedZeppelinFrEaK5118051/23/05
i dnt no i jst wanna try this out :)racoodle51886.661/25/05
Which of the four horseman are you?ry_stoner511096.661/25/05
Which World Horror are you?ry_stoner5120451/25/05
could you be my girlfriendforsaken*one51156none1/26/05
which are u? the hug, kiss, or hand holder?Painted_Pony101511457.51/27/05
What Decade are You From?(girls)CuRsEdWiThThIsHeArT5112231/28/05
What band are you??willwork4music518481/28/05
what type of love are youkrishnak51122none1/28/05
Are You sick?Screaming_Shades5185none1/29/05
r u my type..??? (grls only)bobjoebrown275114391/29/05
Sci fi or fantisty328b51954.51/30/05
Are you horney? >X-rated questions>knikki8951212none1/30/05
r u u my kinda chick ( grlz only)lpmember512608.661/31/05
What color are you?I_heart_jack_black5128651/31/05
Which Barbie are you?myloveisweary511474.51/31/05
Which one of my best friends are you? This is a very typical quiz isnt it?EmotionalDepressedSoul5111812/5/05
What's your future? (Pics)emilly5118472/1/05
WHAT TYPE MUSIC R U? trust me, good variety!!!!!!!!kawasaki512528.332/1/05
Are you a total preppopthecollar145114552/2/05
Why would you brake someones heart?Evil__carrot135119552/4/05
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