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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
Which Charmed One R U?Troton23052201/1/04
are you a hottie or just a cutie?ShodowedSoul0250802.092/9/04
What kind of demon are you?Vamperic_Demos0296391.713/5/04
how much do i like you?bye bye world044445/3/04
What Kind of Punk are You?screaminsilence06809/28/04
Why do you cut yourself?DarkAngel71909763.3310/18/04
What is you personality?wirdogal071none11/2/04
What is your weapon?wirdogal057none11/7/04
Are u a vampire??Elizabetha036862.0811/18/04
What Kind of Drunk are You?zc19crx90047none12/3/04
Would I Fuk U??candibrandi69013none12/12/04
Am I secretly in luv with u?(Guys,Lez or bi's only!!!)candibrandi69099none12/27/04
Am I secretly in love with you?QUIZ 2candibrandi69040none12/27/04
Which Tenchu Charecter ar you?Mitsurugi138951/24/04
Would i ever take a piss on you?insanebitch20001205510/13/04
are you a goody 2 shoes?xxnightmare_dreamerxx44131none1/26/05
Are you depressed?BlackRose32Xx4413691/27/05
which are u? the hug, kiss, or hand holder?Painted_Pony101441387.51/27/05
What is your flavor?SweetCurliez4411651/27/05
What's your Highschool stereotype?imalozer4412051/28/05
What WWE wrestler are uCenaboy4495none1/29/05
Are you horney? >X-rated questions>knikki8944205none1/30/05
Where will you find love?gunplusgun4412581/30/05
Are you a TRUE Cornell?cassafrass449051/31/05
What candy are you?Canchaser442155.22/1/05
Are you a good boyfriend?x_pyro_chik_x442477.82/1/05
do you have what it takes to be me?jugglaskeet449342/1/05
How insane r u??happy_go_lucky44974.752/3/05
the zoo crewmunkey44807.52/4/05
What Cliq would u be in my skool!!!sowatifimaantireligionist4487none2/5/05
Pozitiiva vai negatiiva?StaCey144925.662/5/05
Which shrek character are you???msunshine409441804.162/6/05
Which rapper is perfect for you?thatgirl_ishere7474417382/12/05
Are you a Retard? (PICS)ilovestevenholmes4473none2/12/05
Do I want you?sashash7448382/13/05
Which Happy Face R U??Preppycaligurl1644134none2/14/05
Which one of my wild and crazed BFF's are you?Evalkitti448682/14/05
are u my perfect match?soccerchick71892441077.52/15/05
What is your label?sic666449902/16/05
What drug are you?sargentcrackers4410252/17/05
What type of magick do you use?croww_2449482/20/05
Are you in love?cronicle_spider44107none2/18/05
r u crazy???rise_to_ur_dimise4477none2/19/05
What are You?!?shel_luvs_den448552/19/05
Would I let you....GutiarGal4480none2/20/05
What Are You(honestly) not labels tho...LivngDeadGrl441166.52/20/05
Which Celebrity are you sexier than? (Girl Version)mademoiselle4489none2/21/05
How Crazy R U 4 Your Man (girlz only..unless u r a gay guy,hehe)loveUorLoveMe?441052.52/21/05
What is your inner soda? :::PICS:::jcdluvr27441517.42/21/05
Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?AlyssaRocks174414152/21/05
ARE YOU GAY?hardcorerocker084476none2/23/05
what is your word???????????????????????redpoo441598.572/24/05
what is your hair color?foxybaby4410552/24/05
Which Male Tv/movie character would be your best match?sashash74471none2/27/05
What does your favorite color say about you?Mbaby4412352/28/05
Which heavy metal band are you?e_madden448903/1/05
How will u kill avril?Chuckysbride449253/2/05
which milkshake flavor are you at mcdonalds?iAnZbAbY4LiFe4481none3/3/05
who are you in my school which group do you belong in?i*fuckin*hateyou4411383/3/05
Would I date you?gunner0344105103/3/05
RU straight edge?straightedge4482none3/4/05
would i date u ?? guys onlysweatiepie95754481none3/4/05
What winnie the pooh character are you?nena4476none3/4/05
What film r u?X_Cat33_X4480none3/5/05
What Are You?WolfSong4491103/6/05
Are you someone everyone loves?Painted_Pony1014411313/6/05
What seaon is you personality and life most like?Katsura_Satsuki4413053/8/05
What OC character are you? ((girls only))cAlIsUrFeRcHiCk694492none3/8/05
Which Space Ghost character are you?PalabrasVerdad4493none3/8/05
what kind of pothead r u?herbmang4477none3/8/05
Could you ever score with me?letsmakelovetometal448453/8/05
What Is Your Lip Gloss Flavor?((PICS))NovocainInMySoup44144none3/8/05
what band are you?METAL_MANIAC4485103/9/05
What Hogwarts house are you in? (this one has GOOD questions!)ihatecliches4415463/9/05
If u could kill someone who would it be?Chuckysbride4485none3/11/05
What is your stupid goddam label? (pics)billiejoeisTHEsex4415673/11/05
Does he like u quz based on real life experienceswashingmachine4486none3/12/05
Which one of my favorite bands would you be?? Hmm?!lessthanthreexx456207.946/29/04
Punk or prep?Evil_Punker_Kidd453285.446/29/04
What Kind of Psycho Are You?EmoGirl452054.577/21/04
What cake are you?quizzmaker200045996.57/27/04
Is it time to dump him or are you two ment to be?brokenhearted104510478/4/04
What type of person are you really?izzzy451936.258/10/04
What Kind Of Person Are u?sweet soso4511978/25/04
how much do you hate preps?gothic_hobo1452317.339/6/04
what kind of person are you?gravity_failed451785.669/13/04
Which Disney Character are You?kmshalias45162510/8/04
Do you like to be kinky?iluvangel45381910/22/04
WHAT AGE SHUD U BE?hydro087453087.510/25/04
are you ready for a real relationshippicklenerd45304none11/7/04
Are you HOT enough for me???southernpurple854598none11/23/04
would i let u fuck me hardcoresexybabe0945114none1/31/05
Which Color Explains Your Personality Best!? (pictures)fAlLiNg4Ux1845197812/1/04
How many friends will you have this year?crazydwarf4598512/7/04
Is someone u LUV depressed? (good advice)BrOkEnHeArTeD_bLoNdE451658.6612/11/04
which one of 'idiots' friends are you!GothicSin45115none12/12/04
Do you have the weirdnessgsweird11451836.212/17/04
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