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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
Which Charmed One R U?Troton23052201/1/04
are you a hottie or just a cutie?ShodowedSoul0250802.092/9/04
What kind of demon are you?Vamperic_Demos0296391.713/5/04
how much do i like you?bye bye world044445/3/04
What Kind of Punk are You?screaminsilence06809/28/04
Why do you cut yourself?DarkAngel71909763.3310/18/04
What is you personality?wirdogal071none11/2/04
What is your weapon?wirdogal057none11/7/04
Are u a vampire??Elizabetha036862.0811/18/04
What Kind of Drunk are You?zc19crx90047none12/3/04
Would I Fuk U??candibrandi69013none12/12/04
Am I secretly in luv with u?(Guys,Lez or bi's only!!!)candibrandi69099none12/27/04
Am I secretly in love with you?QUIZ 2candibrandi69040none12/27/04
Which Tenchu Charecter ar you?Mitsurugi138951/24/04
Would i ever take a piss on you?insanebitch20001205510/13/04
Would I go out with you?phone_addict5293none2/27/05
are you being cheated on?bloodyfairy529023/3/05
what kinda pop/rock singer are u?sweetheart53107none1/17/05
wad kinda condom are you?iluvdicks531556.661/18/05
Do I want your finger deep inside my pussy? (Bi n lez girls only)horney_4_u533708.81/20/05
are you fat? (real answers to the question you despersatly want to ask)hotgirllooking531364.51/23/05
wanna fuck? GUYS ONLI(STRAIT) thanx...sExI_bAbii5312151/23/05
r u right 4 me?sExI_bAbii539651/23/05
What character from Scary Movie are you??PreppyBlonde53106none1/23/05
Are you jimbo or ransom?......... or eric (GASP!!!!!)pron538601/24/05
Are you depressed?BlackRose32Xx5314591/27/05
are you a fan of Adam Sandlercom53858.331/27/05
What band are you??willwork4music538681/28/05
R u right for me? (guys ONLY!!!!!)Gothickiller532046.661/28/05
Is Life hard for you?Spiffy5319751/29/05
Would we work out? (bi/lesbian girls only!!!)KickMyKittie5395none1/30/05
r u u my kinda chick ( grlz only)lpmember532628.661/31/05
What color are you?I_heart_jack_black5328851/31/05
Which Barbie are you?myloveisweary531494.51/31/05
Which one of my best friends are you? This is a very typical quiz isnt it?EmotionalDepressedSoul5312012/5/05
what movie are you?smellykez5313032/2/05
how sex obsessed are you ?? (pics)sExYxOxhUnNyxX5329992/2/05
How CRAZY Are You?thecowwentmoo5310182/2/05
Are you really meant to be?skapyro135312352/3/05
are u my type?(guys only)irideskaters538882/3/05
GUYS ONLY are u right 4 me??sExYxOxhUnNyxX53124none2/4/05
What Barbie Doll Are YOu?Megga15312532/4/05
what label are you really??sExYxOxhUnNyxX531054.52/4/05
does he like you back?I_LOVE_GREEN_DAY66653998.52/5/05
Are u nice?xLinZxTiAnna1235312502/5/05
whats your fave food!!!!!!!!!sarahisabitch123538602/6/05
Which Degrassi girl is a good match for you?bluefire16505317452/6/05
What element fits you best?Nav5314192/10/05
Which of My Great Loves are you most like?sashash75395none2/11/05
Piercings.....Which one are ya?Thricebabi075344652/13/05
what kinda soul lies withinsk8n_music_chick53124none2/13/05
What Emotion/Feeling are You?FinNiETuu53173none2/13/05
Which one of my wild and crazed BFF's are you?Evalkitti539582/14/05
WhAt kInD Of LiPz dO u HAV?((pIcS))xxjuicyxprincessxx532496.82/15/05
MEN: How well do you know women?Jinx_Kitten531429.252/15/05
Which Shark Tale Charater are you?hulaswirl531206.252/16/05
can you handle thses JUGGALO PAINTED BALLS? (down ninjettes only)Jugaakilla4205396none2/16/05
What drug are you?sargentcrackers5311152/17/05
How old do you look?Unloved16532518.752/17/05
What Teen Celebrity are you?LexiiN0elle534934.832/20/05
Would I let you....GutiarGal5389none2/20/05
R U Horrible or Great? details inside lol (plz rate this)loveUorLoveMe?531223.752/22/05
What kinda kiss r u????4 gurls onlycupkake0353159none2/22/05
Would American Idol like U?unuglyduckling29531687.332/23/05
Are you a real guy or a real girl?sashash753114none2/24/05
which blessthefall member r u?craigafer5385none2/24/05
What Inuyasha are you?kc_doz53968.332/25/05
How much do we have in common??jcdluvr27533886.662/25/05
Do You Like Me? (girls only)motifs53112none2/27/05
wich soda are you?!throw_up53101none2/28/05
Random quiz of ucglass7775312052/28/05
Are You A oncoming Sex Addict?Senior200553129102/28/05
Skater, or not?xxtaylor19xx5395none2/28/05
Whats your Band (Heavy Metal)BulimicRainbow53111none2/28/05
which useless item are you?bassman1005384none2/28/05
Whats Your Label (ya i kno labels suck, but they are abused so y not find yourself out?)My_Tourniquet42053124none3/1/05
How will u kill avril?Chuckysbride5310153/2/05
R u Good at sex??TotallyIt5311233/2/05
What Greek God R U?Kimmix245395none3/3/05
What breast size are you?kittyplush53155none3/3/05
WHAT FEMALE CELEB ARE YOU MOST LIKE?prettyNpink918253100none3/4/05
Are you pretty or uglyDeleterious132x53106none3/4/05
What kind of heart do you haveOoooScary5311353/5/05
Which Type Of Punk Are You?pulseofthemaggots5314273/5/05
Would I fuck you?ShattrD-LtD5347833/6/05
Which Video Game are You?shel_luvs_den5395none3/6/05
What film should I watch?xxpacquettexx539143/6/05
r u cute,ugly,or drop dead sexy(for guys)sicklittlesuicide5313353/7/05
what kind of pothead r u?herbmang5386none3/8/05
Concieted much?Degrassiroxmysox5310553/9/05
What Tarot Card Are You?naughtylilpixie5313493/9/05
Bands u would likeIhateallyoupeople5313183/9/05
Does your crush like you?Kewl295319263/10/05
Are u my enemy?nymphetaminechick53989.83/10/05
Which Pro Skater Are You?Shippensbam5387none3/10/05
Are you really emo?ViolentXWhispers531057.53/10/05
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