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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
Which Charmed One R U?Troton23052201/1/04
are you a hottie or just a cutie?ShodowedSoul0250802.092/9/04
What kind of demon are you?Vamperic_Demos0296391.713/5/04
how much do i like you?bye bye world044445/3/04
What Kind of Punk are You?screaminsilence06809/28/04
Why do you cut yourself?DarkAngel71909763.3310/18/04
What is you personality?wirdogal071none11/2/04
What is your weapon?wirdogal057none11/7/04
Are u a vampire??Elizabetha036862.0811/18/04
What Kind of Drunk are You?zc19crx90047none12/3/04
Would I Fuk U??candibrandi69013none12/12/04
Am I secretly in luv with u?(Guys,Lez or bi's only!!!)candibrandi69099none12/27/04
Am I secretly in love with you?QUIZ 2candibrandi69040none12/27/04
Which Tenchu Charecter ar you?Mitsurugi138951/24/04
Would i ever take a piss on you?insanebitch20001205510/13/04
What type of magick do you use?croww_2469682/20/05
Are you a true Harry Potter fan?Chantal471042.51/30/05
how much do you hate preps?gothic_hobo1472337.339/6/04
Which Disney Character are You?kmshalias47164510/8/04
WHAT AGE SHUD U BE?hydro087473107.510/25/04
what kind of phyco are you?bloodlyvalentine471847.511/2/04
What music genre are you?birdman123450471672.8512/1/04
which one of my songs are udemonic_angel8647935.512/2/04
how will your life end?((PICS))ChaoticVictory472006.212/3/04
What kind of Goth are you?lil_scared_princess471094.512/4/04
which one of 'idiots' friends are you!GothicSin47117none12/12/04
Which Underground Hip Hop Song are you?Raytard472158.7512/13/04
Is He Into You?my_fair_lady471126.3312/20/04
WhAT kiND of a Bych r u?lilbych47121512/20/04
Are you What The LAdies WanT?(guys?)perfect.flaws473268.3312/26/04
are you KOOL?! or a mindless soul that i shall crush effortlessly on my way to becoming ur queenpsykoclown08471497.3312/27/04
R U THE 1 FOR MEluke471367.331/18/05
Wat OC Character R U?kRazY4tHeOC471967.281/22/05
which are u? the hug, kiss, or hand holder?Painted_Pony101471417.51/27/05
Would you like the super sexy (cough, cough) Scott?prozoc4710101/27/05
would i fuck uson2024712051/28/05
Where will you find love?gunplusgun4712881/30/05
which one of melanie's bad habits are you?tront471267.52/3/05
Which one of my friends are you most like?Shooting_Star478442/3/05
Which character from Inuyasha would like you best?emilly4711982/3/05
Are you Good Enough for Me?HornyChick478872/3/05
Which Manson Song Are You?xXxTheRapistxXx478962/4/05
What blonde celebrity are you?pinkdance344472188.252/5/05
What color eyes should you have?quizmaster4714892/5/05
Which 05' Song Are You!?RomMasterZ4711452/5/05
r u a boyfriend stealer???blond_e08478652/5/05
Talk Ratingcurious91478092/5/05
Which of My Great Loves are you most like?sashash74789none2/11/05
Which Annoying Pop Star Are You?DoomedSpookyMuffin4721792/11/05
Piercings.....Which one are ya?Thricebabi074744052/13/05
DO NOT TAKE THIS QUIZ!!cloud_of_broken_dreams47107none2/13/05
Do I want you?sashash7478682/13/05
Whats your color?Glitzy*Babe47924.332/14/05
have you met your tru love?fallen_angel666471786.52/15/05
Are you really psychotic?Devi9dead471215.52/16/05
DO YOU HAVE A BROKEN HEART?? or are you fineHurleygirl45447123none2/16/05
Are you in love?cronicle_spider47110none2/18/05
What Are You(honestly) not labels tho...LivngDeadGrl471196.52/20/05
How Crazy R U 4 Your Man (girlz only..unless u r a gay guy,hehe)loveUorLoveMe?471082.52/21/05
How secret can you keep things?Mr.Brownstone479462/22/05
What emo band are you?BloodyxRomancex67471738.752/24/05
What type of girl are you?Mint4711692/27/05
are you being cheated on?bloodyfairy478523/3/05
whats your destiny?hrdcorepxie478803/3/05
would i date u ?? guys onlysweatiepie95754784none3/4/05
What should you be afraid of?Goddess_of_Fantasy471057.253/5/05
what type of shoe are you?X_Cat33_X47106none3/5/05
Which band are you like?GreenAurora479783/5/05
Am I worth-while to you?What_should_I_write_here?47868.53/6/05
Are you someone everyone loves?Painted_Pony1014711613/6/05
Who is your future lover?thegoaliesgirl47105none3/6/05
What film should I watch?xxpacquettexx478543/6/05
Are you immature?Whats_my_age_again1824792103/7/05
why you like lazkicksomething471076.663/7/05
which dog do u haveeminemgrl200447801.663/7/05
what band are you?METAL_MANIAC4788103/9/05
Are you and your partner meant for each other?SEXY_ASS_BAMBI4799none3/9/05
What element are you affiliated with?Klaid47105none3/10/05
Are you really emo?ViolentXWhispers47997.53/10/05
What Random Song are you??!?!?!?!?fallen_apart471183.333/11/05
how depressed are you?cutwristsblackedeyes4795none3/11/05
What kind of chinese food are you??NasaTwins481109.52/25/05
what metal band are you(this quiz has better metal bands)satanskid666482486.56/19/04
GIRLS ONLY!!!icy shot4810456.536/28/04
What Colour or Colour Combination Are You? - GIRLSjessica_rae48147none7/6/04
how will you get your heart broken(or how did you)forgottenfellow481656.57/8/04
Which WORD describes you best?lithium4851457/24/04
Want to know what i think about you?stijntje484486.667/26/04
What cake are you?quizzmaker2000481026.57/27/04
which 1 of my guy friends are 4 u??crazyfreeq481743.758/28/04
what kind of person are you?gravity_failed481815.669/13/04
whats ur type of guy???cravinforMR485466.839/18/04
Which Degrassi Character are you??Manga_Monster4817349/19/04
Would I go out with you?Beautiful Breakdown489859/27/04
How sexy do i think u r? (guyz only pleez)crazybitch48976.510/7/04
Do you like to be kinky?iluvangel48384910/22/04
whats your fav. song( for ppl who dont know )i_love_sandy48228510/30/04
Are you SEXY or a LOSER!?elly481786.6611/2/04
are you ready for a real relationshippicklenerd48307none11/7/04
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