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» Quiz: Which famous actress are you?
Which famous actress are you?
created by Scheherazade

Mm, use this delightful quiz to find out which actress you're most like. Fun fun!

1.) What do you look like?
Mmm, I'm one hot lady... I look like a Gothic wet dream.
I'm the embodiment of sunshine, happiness, and popularity.
Er, some would say I'm chunky, but it doesn't matter! I'm cool with my body, and I embrace it instead of be ashamed by it.
I have a classic beauty and I'm very thin.
I look best in black and white, and I have famous hair!

2.) What's your stand on relationships?
Adolph Hitler is obsessed with me... But hey, besides that, it's all good.
Win some, lose some- though right now I'm with my honey.
Anyone who's cool enough to party with me is cool enough to date, though once in a while a special guy comes along.
I had one... A great one. And it got SCREWED UP. And now I'm all alone, though there was that girl-girl thing a few months ago...
I'm a mommy now! So unless you want to love a kid, don't bother trying to love me. Got it? Or do I have to slam a whip handle up your nose, buddy?

3.) What kind of movies do you star in?
Action and suspense thrillers. Some real alternative-edgy movies.
Fun flicks about love, friendship, and happiness.
A lot of retro things! Some kick-butt thrillers, granted, but even that was based on a retro thing.
I've starred in some Shakespearean films, and I like
Silent films- black and white, with somewhat humorous acts and lots of parodies.

4.) If you ruled the world, what would you do?
Well, now that I've reached enlightenment, I would work on eliminating poverty and hunger in third world countries, like Cambodia.
Make fun of people... Life is funny, even in the worst of times.
I would make everything bright and happy! And there would be music and beauty everywhere!
Everyone has to wear long dresses or, er, old clothes. Nah, just kidding. Everything would be sophisticated.
The world... Well, everyone wouldn't starve or whatever, and then we'd all take off our shirts and dance in the streets.

5.) Heads up! You're Miss America! What was your winning outfit?
Something sexy and super retro, like a tuxedo. Yes, I know, it's messed up. But hey, you already said I'm Miss America!
A long, beautiful dress, complete with lace and ruffles.
Something tight, and something that shows off my amazing body- but conservative enough, because now I have a kid.
FLOWERS everywhere! Lots of gaudy, clashing colors- something funky and definitely '80s. Maybe something with feathers.
A halter top that shows off my amazing abs, and a pair of capris.

6.) Last question! If you were a toe, which toe would you be? Aww, I'm just kidding. The real question is: what is your mission in life?
To live on through my cats, and party hard!
To... Um. Improve literacy. At least, that's what my agent said. I just want a boyfriend.
To educate children!
To make fun of people.
I already answered this, but I'll do it again, just because I'm such a benevolent person. My mission is to help people in third world countries.

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