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75 Most Recent Poems
Cutting is not a crime
dream on (sleep)
make it. break me. kill him.pills
I guess I was blind
Full of hate
All Alone
Despair please disappear (comment!!)
Bleeding Dry
I AM beautiful....i think....
Empress of Woe and Her Dark Lord
Death's Veil For Dawn
Madness Chained in Overture
sinking deeper
Turn Reality into Dreams
One Dance
Nothing But
Dancing on Rose Petals
Jokers & Liars
Why does she have to go?
Opened heart broken promises
:::Way too much in Love:::
Live and Let Die
screaming out
The Battliefield (about life)
one last time
could it be
i yearn for the end
Dark and Lonely Nights
more than words can say (comment)
One Night of Pain {Part II}
One Night of Pain {part I}
you have founde me
Another Empty Soul
Naked Chaos
its a-m-a-z-i-n-g
tears slowly fall
Eternal Dancer
Venus Flytrap
tears of suicide
you took my innocence away
don't say your sorry or u love me
Water on the Wrist
I think about you all the time.
rising flame
I need to die
Remembering All Things (please comment)
A Worthless Heart
Purely Denial
The Shadow of a Song
complex emotions
How Lori Said Goodbye
Lies that Bleed
starless night *comment please*
Stalker Dream
Have You Ever...?
Child's Way Out
Im Sorry
Poets and Authors
Genocide Reaper 1076
Trapezium 465
Morbid Angel 464
Lovely_Suicide 359
cryptic_misery 319
XpaperdollX 319
Misery 297
Khaotic 295
Cut_Wrist_Risk 262
nicole_lyndon 260
lost_cause 229
devilchild01 222
SuperBob 217
Xx brOken xX 192
Schizophrenic_broken 184
suicide_penguin 181
DontFearAConcequence 170
xxxvampire_loverxxx 163
melons 159
devils angel 13 158
maledeth 150
mishy0077 150
darktinkerbell 149
KaoticKitty87 149
insanebitch2000 143
DarkAngelBlood 143
ieatsmellysocks 143
trulybroken57 137
Psychoace 136
i_love_sandy 134
psycho_bunny 131
MorbidSuicide666 131
devil-dick 130
TowelytheThing 129
xxxxxxblackdragonxxxxxx 128
darkness_follows_me 127
Bloodfilledcinnabuns 125
Josh_x 124
fuzzypunkhat 123
IceBound 118
brokenxsmile 118
bloodlyvalentine 115
chaoticthoughts 114
vampire_princess 113
izzzy 113
bleedblack 113
NirvanaGirl23 111
xXmasqueradeXgirlXx 111
XxXstitchesXxX 111
lost_and_forgotten 110
Poison Ivy 110
blackened_rose 110
AthiestAnarchist 109
Mars_Phoenix 108
piperneedshelp 107
sweetiepie89 106
The grey raven 105
twistedmind33 105
bloody_tears_girl 105
Open_Until_4Am 103
Dhirsti 102
omegadrax 102
LieBerthalZz gUrlie 4eVa 102
bloodyfairy 102
perfect.flaws 102
frotofski_LaVey 100
ForsakenDream 100
Firequeen 100
wixx 99
Tainted_Soul_777 98
Xx_mistik_xX 95
GeishaGirl 93
Emo_Death_Wish 92
mattwhatever 91
EvilTiger 90

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