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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
WHAT RELIGION BESTS SUITS YOU?Adversarian446382768535.786/19/04
Which Zodiac Sign Would You Be Most Compatible With?Rise to Demise42334992905.758/23/04
What is your secret stripper name? (girls or guys feeling sexy today :))neonrose6975741216804904.4912/3/04
Can you make me horny? (guys and girls)blondie9039003440367.5112/11/04
Are You Bisexual, Straight, or Lesbian? (Very, very Accurate if you answer honestly. Girls please.)Sinatra353521801336.817/6/04
What Porn Star would you be?emo4life24712257365.5712/13/04
The Wildest, Craziest, Most Massive Quiz Ever!zen23468825255.202/21/04
Which female Vampire Diaries character are you?Piscean_Wisdom21672242982.771/15/05
What High School Stereotype Are You?silentscreams207722797405.005/31/04
What group of society do you fit into?oliveraqua19375248456.2911/17/04
Which group of society do you fit into? (Quicker but less accurate version)oliveraqua18551201625.3311/16/04
How Easily Are You Turned On? (PiCtUrEs)tesco_rocks_my_socks182061877367.2412/11/04
What Kind of Soul Do You Retain?Daggerlyn180431387576.947/2/04
Which of us would FUCK you! (guys only!) with SEXY PICS of us!!!!)Kalista8617772681826.1911/17/04
Are You Hanging Out With The Wrong Crowd?white_devil170091764271/8/05
are you a dirty girl?? (girls only)silent-ancient16529824855.8011/7/04
How will you commit suicide?! (PICS!!!)XxXDeathsLastWishXxX15671743645.228/31/04
How emo are you?silentscreams156351838685.295/31/04
*How suicidal are you?* *(AWSOME PIX!)*Suicidal_Amber15470177194.0211/3/04
What Is Your Kink?Mistress_Carole147462338696.145/19/04
What Kind of Pervert are You?Metis14098918457.165/22/04
Which American City Are You?zen139283323904.2312/2/03
Which Sexy Female Celebrity would you want to fuck?A7XXX13157204447.2211/26/04
Your Psych-Ward diagnosiszen129831616695.525/17/04
Which Spice Girl Are You?slimshady_butterfly129051248295.3610/23/04
If we fucked would I like it?sexylittlefreak12435601387.096/8/04
Do you make me horny?Clover12378139454.211/9/05
ARE YOU ADDICTED TO MASTURBATION????curious_gurl6911980164777.3112/14/04
Which Playing Card Are You?zen11552537735.3411/21/03
What Kind of Scorpio Are You?Ravenn10996119345.969/30/04
Are you craving for some LESBIAN LOVing????curious_gurl6910643134419.1212/15/04
What kind of closet freak are YOU?RUDEGURL10354108854.751/13/05
What would your role be in a horror movie?saphrax10346119265.641/5/05
What Disney Princess Are You?tribute_mutant102983848915.491/31/04
Would We Fuck? (Guys Only)hardcore_til_i_die10151115975.849/17/04
why do you cut yourself?i.cry.inside10078142236.1911/21/04
Which Detective Conan Character Are You? (Jap Names)X_Jimmy_Kudo_X10074129217.578/19/04
Are you an independent thinker?zen9952291856.575/4/04
Which Dead Rock Star Are You?realmenweartiaras9863379715.9411/5/04
What Halo Character Are YOU???T3hHaloChicka9639145328.2810/16/04
can you make me finger myself? (bi lez girlz only)i_want_sum9508118218.21/14/05
Which Random Irish Gaelic Phrase Are You?CraicBaby94731158246.975/13/04
What animal dose your birth month reval to you?elephant_lover9427171805.108/18/04
Which indy wrestler are you?y2jdingo9283160516.3712/1/04
What Kinda Kiss R U?sw33tninocent07905913402166.548/2/04
What Kind Of Weapon Are you?electrofreak20068976344037.0711/1/04
How wet can you make me? (guys and lez/bi girls)The_skull894694609.441/4/05
Sex Story sorta (girls only)Demon_of_love8825329615.461/13/05
How Many Times Could You Make Me Cum? (Guys)megan1019868742106768.571/11/05
Which famous actress are you?Scheherazade8496612605.186/15/04
What kind a sex do you like?kenram668039876575.6211/6/04
How Will You Die(Brutal Pics)fidou27953653244.6612/7/04
What kind of stoner are you?is7741108127.0611/23/04
Would I want your pussy? (bi-lez girls only)cutelilbrunette7721102767.881/2/05
What self-mutilation emotion sequence are you?Emo_Death_Wish7560289136.114/9/04
What horse breed suits your personality?chimes7536110436.3310/30/04
Do you make me wet?cutelilbrunette748696918.951/2/05
What dragon species are you? (Stunning pics)evanescence_desire7411331527.6411/21/04
What Type of Designer are you? Or are you?xmx_satine_xrx73829995712/23/04
Are u gay? (boys only)coachz100736980576.8512/27/04
What is your inner Demon?evanescence_desire7170280837.3611/16/04
Which Holy Grail Character Are You?zen7114289366.607/8/04
Which God or Goddess are you?Nyuusen70351526246.475/16/04
What kind of dragon are you?Furliniea6841113016.029/1/04
What kind of guys do you attract?(gay guys & straight girls!!)lostgoth6806313033.777/9/04
What is your drug? (PICS)XxXDeathsLastWishXxX6798414346.748/29/04
would i wanna fuck you ( only bi and lesbian girls only please)nightmaresexangel674983867.521/2/05
What Star Wars Character Are You?BarrelRacer116701173326.778/19/04
How do you fuck?sexylittlefreak66902402944.186/8/04
Which character are you from THE NOTEBOOK????iTz_iLEe6681121246.361/9/05
Serial Killer Quizzen65711140316.625/17/04
Your Bedtime Body Language (PICS)(Guys Only)MattC6411420865.961/17/05
What kind of eyes do you have? (with pictures)TimesRChngn066325654786.3512/20/04
erotic story/quiz! R u hott yet? (guys biz and lezs only!!)fukmenow_bitch6258115747.8212/28/04
What occult religion do you believe in?Rushyo606678453.6812/3/04
Which Tarot Arcana are You? (women)Mistress_Carole6059211197.195/20/04
What Dungeons and Dragons Character are you?Kain_the_Slayer605499986.708/22/04
What type of Viking are you?TyrOfNiflheim599681975.9612/6/04
Which Horse Color Is The Real You???johndeere593471647.6511/24/04
What South Park Character Are You? !PICTURES!yourwar582168506.9012/30/04
which country do you belong inLegodarded5734123023.306/11/04
How big of a penis do you have?Fumanchu5700961766.2012/22/03
Which 'Queer Eye' Guy Are You?CraicBaby5673226857.364/13/04
Girls: Which Bollywood Actor would you like?QuEeNz_CuTiE566170486.512/29/04
Which Famous Knight of the Round Table are you?AcrylicPerception5635123377.373/6/04
Which R&B Diva Are you?cool_cute_girl5611138934.948/13/04
What disneyland ride are you?disneylandpirate5585233316.046/11/04
What clothing store are you?MoBecca5542930546.1112/19/04
Which Vampire Clan Do You Belng To?malkavian5463385036.817/21/04
How Racist are youkerrykinz885393130072.8111/18/04
What Kind of Demon are you?Suicidal Charm5326184955.968/8/04
What house of 1000 corpses character are you?insane_bitch06665317339917.275/22/04
Which TWIN PEAKS Girl Are You (now w/ photos)?RIPKINGDOME5303579658/11/04
are you really a virgin?DarkFallenAngel5241185904.838/23/04
Which Horror Movie Are You?Roads515675876.1612/24/04
What kind of eyes do you have?number1dork9051363309725.808/10/04
What color are you?Kiwikat1713513577866.3512/5/04
The MOOD quiz! (With cool blinkies!)forgottenfire51331160955.754/16/04
whats your secret sexual fantasy?heathercraig5132265455.0911/21/04
Which vampire from the Vampire Chronicles By Anne Rice are you?TheVampireLestat135120120728.4710/20/04
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