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» Quiz: Which God or Goddess are you?
Which God or Goddess are you?
created by Nyuusen

Choose the answer that best suits you to find which God or Goddess you would most likely be. The God types were taken from the book Tempered Fate, but the quiz is worth the take even if you haven't read it.

1.) What type of clothes do you normaly wear?
Whatevers in my dresser drawer. Mostly T-shirts and shorts. 'smile'
Something that looks good on me, though everything practically does.
Hoodies and baggy jeans. Both cool and awesome at that same time, lol
Something dignified. I'm mature after all.
Dresses and skirts.
Goth or revealing/tight clothes.
Something that's cute!
They're just clothes, it changes depending on the day.
uh, wha?

2.) If you had to fight what weapon would you use?
If I HAD to, a sword.
Something custom fitted to my needs that will best kill my opponent.
Two katanas! (japanes swords) They look cool going at the same time, even poetic!
Gauntlets with spikes. That way I can incorporate martial arts into it.
A scythe. Deadly but beautiful.
I don't fight, so nyah! XP
A whip, deadly.
Uh, fight, with weapons? You gotta be kidding me.

3.) What's your view on the whole 'fate' deal?
Fate is pretty, it ends in new life.
If it goes the way I want it to, it's fine.
Wel uh...I don't know, I suppose it's okay. (looks away)
I didn't believe in fate for a while, but..it depends on my mood.
Accept it for what it is. IT's fate.
Fate is cruel to me.
Fate is to be rejected because I didn't design it.
Fate, bah.

4.) Describe yourself in one word.
I can't describe myself in one word!

5.) Favorite colors?
Blue, white yellow
Crimson red.
Just blue and green, thank you.
Pink, or purple
Black and red
Uh, red, I mean green, or blue, I can't decide!
Silver or gold
I'm angsty, black!!!

6.) What are your favorite wing designs?
Pure white, soft, and feathered.
Uh, wings?
Deadly but beautiful and shining.
Two different wings on each side of my back! Black anad white, ying and yang!
Scaled wings, demon style.
A deep red, deadly.
Golden and fluffy!
Give me wings and I'll rip them off.

7.) Finally, what is your view on homosexuality?
I...I don't know (blush)
What do you mean? It's fine.
Eeew! (gag)
I'm fine with it.
I'm straight myself, but whatever.
What kind of question is that?
What's homosexuality? (ignorance is bliss)

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