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» Quiz: What kind of eyes do you have? (with pictures)
What kind of eyes do you have? (with pictures)
created by TimesRChngn06

Find out what type of eyes you have, whether good or bad.

1.) You are walking through a park with your friends and you see a little girl fall and scrape her knee. Her parents aren't there to help her. What do you do?
Laugh with your friends and continue to walk
Walk over to her and help her
Walk by the girl, but then after seeing her knee, you help her

2.) After coming home from the park (whether you helped the little girl or not), you want to tell the story to your mom who asked you what happened today. How do you go about this?
You tell the story in great detail
You tell your mom about how all your friends were hanging out with you and then you saw this little girl, her knee bleeding, and you helped her
You decide it's better to not tell your mom what happened and let your good deed go unnoticed, people will hear of it later.

3.) You're at home, on a Friday night. What are you doing?
I'm listening to my friend on the phone, telling my why she's been so upset lately
I'm writing, possibly a poem or a story
I'm studying because my teacher decided to give me a huge test on a Monday
I'm talking with my friend in my basement about how the world could be a better place
I'm with a friend (of the opposite sex or not) and we're making out, possibly doing some other fun things
I'm figuring out why I decided to not go to a party I really wanted to go to, even though I knew alcohol and drugs would be there.

4.) On a cold winter night, what would you be doing?
Sitting with a friend and watching a fire burn down to embers...drinking possibly the best cup of hot chocolate the world has ever seen
Driving around with a friend, just being there for them when they need someone
I'm at the movies watching one of those sci-fi movies that is actually based on fact because those are the best kind
I'm not entirely sure on what I'm doing because I like to play it by ear...something fun will happen
Trying to find a way to have a blast and laugh all night
Wondering why I'm at home when I could be out and having fun

5.) Your friend is feeling really down lately and you're trying to help them feel better. What are you doing?
I have my arm around them because sometimes, that's all a person needs
You sympathize with them and tell them that someone is always in a worse situation
I'm talking to them to try and find out why they're down so I can help them
I'm not sure one what I'm doing, but somehow it's working....almost mysterious
Cracking jokes and trying to make them laugh. Laughter is the best medicine
Asking them questions about why they're down, trying to analyze their situation to later help them

6.) What is your favorite color?
Grey or silver
Orange or Yellow
I don't have one

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