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» Poem: Have You Ever...?
Have You Ever...?
written by lady_tsukiyo
03:43 AM 4/23/05
Have you ever loved someone before?
Have you ever loved somebody so much it hurts?
Have you ever hated yourself because of what you fell for?
Have you ever trusted your love so much you would kill everybody just to be with him?
Have you ever been betrayed for who you were?
Have you ever been lied to so much that the whole world seems to be one big deception?
Have you ever thought of killing yourself because of him?
Have you ever wished to die?
Have you ever been so sad that it felt like your heart was being torn out?

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

Author's footnotes and comments on this Poem:
yeah.. tell me what you think.

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» Comments / Feedback
by ILOVETRACK!ILOVETRACK! (4-23-2005 - 04:34 AM)
That's really good. I like it a lot and I have felt all of those things.

by xAlone_foreveRx (4-23-2005 - 05:40 AM)
im feeling that way right now

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