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75 Most Recent Poems in the category ode
dream on (sleep) (ode)
I Will Be Strong..... (ode)
Since You've Been Gone ( Comments Welcom (ode)
Ode To You (ode)
dad (ode)
Ode to my Love (ode)
ode to solitude (ode)
piss it all away (ode (ode)
Antique (ode)
My Pacino (ode)
Ode to Seymour (ode)
Ode to Meaningless_Soul (ode)
An Ode to a Show Lace (ode)
An Ode to Jack Daniels (ode)
to trey... (ode)
Ode to Jason (ode)
the lost child (ode)
Fisha Fisha (ode)
Ode to coming of age... (ode)
Ode To Our Night (ode)
Footsteps (ode)
Memories (ode)
Julie (ode)
violence (ode)
Forever Keep It (ode)
Decay (ode to a corpse) (ode)
rice (ode)
Ode to Maryelizabeth (ode)
-GrandFather- (ode)
Life is perfect...not (ode)
Ode to my Black Soul (ode)
An Ode to Tessin (ode)
Ode to Wolves (ode)
Friend (ode)
Fuck the world (ode)
Prayer of the Restless (ode)
hunter (ode)
Friends (ode)
Truth (ode)
Loves Ya (ode)
MORE ODES (back by popular demand) (ode)
it's over (ode)
Karen Berge (ode)
Ode to black (ode)
Ode To Night (ode)
My ODES (Comment Pleeez) (ode)
Love and Hate (ode)
an ode to No one, someone, and everyone (ode)
Killing my insides (ode)
Forever (ode)
~An Ode To The Beautiful Boys~ (ode)
friends.. (ode)
i can (ode)
The Bass Player's Oath (ode)
I Announced Your Name (ode)
To that horse who makes me happy (ode)
mY LOvE sToRy (ode)
finally a happy poem negative nancies (ode)
An Ode To Sid Vicious (ode)
XOXO (ode)
Ode To Boats (ode)
Ode to Valentine's Day (not serious) (ode)
Love Drug (ode)
Ode to poetry (ode)
Come fly with me. (ode)
sadistic love (ode)
Darkened Streets (ode)
I, the anthem of (ode)
Fuck (Ode to Love) (ode)
Ode to an Acoustic Guitar (ode)
Ode To Marines (ode)
School Drags On. (ode)
Temporary Sanity (ode)
JOHN B. (ode)
Enigma (ode)
Poets and Authors
Genocide Reaper 1076
Trapezium 465
Morbid Angel 464
Lovely_Suicide 359
cryptic_misery 319
XpaperdollX 319
Misery 297
Khaotic 295
Cut_Wrist_Risk 262
nicole_lyndon 260
lost_cause 229
devilchild01 222
SuperBob 217
Xx brOken xX 192
Schizophrenic_broken 184
suicide_penguin 181
DontFearAConcequence 170
xxxvampire_loverxxx 163
melons 159
devils angel 13 158
maledeth 150
mishy0077 150
darktinkerbell 149
KaoticKitty87 149
insanebitch2000 143
DarkAngelBlood 143
ieatsmellysocks 143
trulybroken57 137
Psychoace 136
i_love_sandy 134
psycho_bunny 131
MorbidSuicide666 131
devil-dick 130
TowelytheThing 129
xxxxxxblackdragonxxxxxx 128
darkness_follows_me 127
Bloodfilledcinnabuns 125
Josh_x 124
fuzzypunkhat 123
IceBound 118
brokenxsmile 118
bloodlyvalentine 115
chaoticthoughts 114
vampire_princess 113
izzzy 113
bleedblack 113
NirvanaGirl23 111
xXmasqueradeXgirlXx 111
XxXstitchesXxX 111
lost_and_forgotten 110
Poison Ivy 110
blackened_rose 110
AthiestAnarchist 109
Mars_Phoenix 108
piperneedshelp 107
sweetiepie89 106
The grey raven 105
twistedmind33 105
bloody_tears_girl 105
Open_Until_4Am 103
Dhirsti 102
omegadrax 102
LieBerthalZz gUrlie 4eVa 102
bloodyfairy 102
perfect.flaws 102
frotofski_LaVey 100
ForsakenDream 100
Firequeen 100
wixx 99
Tainted_Soul_777 98
Xx_mistik_xX 95
GeishaGirl 93
Emo_Death_Wish 92
mattwhatever 91
EvilTiger 90

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