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» Poem: starless night *comment please*
starless night *comment please*
written by Suicidal_tears
03:51 AM 4/23/05
the night you left
you took my heart with you...
the stitches remain without all the pieces
tworn apart lost and confused
you looked at me and said good*bye
my eyes filled with tears of pain
n than i wished upon a starless night
knowing it wont work
but is still wortha try
my heart is tarring every second that you breathe
and now its bleeding
and theres no way to put it back together again....
so please stop breathing
cuz every breathe is tarring even more
but every smile you make
is killing me knowing that your happy and im not....

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

Author's footnotes and comments on this Poem:
please comment i mean u guys never do come on here :-D

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» Comments / Feedback
by DarkRage (4-23-2005 - 04:09 AM)
itz all rite! not bad...i liked it!

by (guest) (4-23-2005 - 06:38 AM)
I think you could use some counseling

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