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» Poem: The Shadow of a Song
The Shadow of a Song
04:20 AM 4/23/05
I wonder why you say you still need me here,
to me, all of your reasons aren't that very clear,
but I couldn't leave even if I wanted to go,
'cause I love you more than it could ever show.

And it seems...
It seems like midnight comes way too fast,
I start dwelling on a fantasy that could never last,
I lay in bed, the taste of lust still on my tongue,
in my head's the shadow of a song that's been oversung.

Why I want no one but you puzzles me,
your such a jerk, such a flirt, when you want to be,
I'd never think a guy could put a spell on me.

But if I stay...
If I stay now I may never leave,
but if I go I may never again believe,
if I stay I may never know what it's like to breathe.
I know you don't feel this way anymore,
and I doubt you did when you said that you did before,
but I'd give anything to go back to that time,
back when the darkness left as soon as the sun would shine.

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

Author's footnotes and comments on this Poem:
This is a crappy song a friend and I wrote a lonnnggg time ago. lol. I know it sounds funny as a poem, but it has a cool flow when it's sung. It's kind of choppy like that Maroon 5 song "Harder to Breath." I don't like them very much, but that's the only thing I could compare it too. Comment Plz!

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» Comments / Feedback
by Scythe42 (4-23-2005 - 04:48 AM)
I think it was pretty dang awsome. Especially the ending.

by DarkRage (4-23-2005 - 05:01 AM)
yeah i liked it too...sung or read; gots gud flow!

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