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» Poem: A Worthless Heart
A Worthless Heart
written by Scythe42
04:22 AM 4/23/05
Not having loved is an awful thing,
It is what made me have this numb feeling,
You just let the cold wash over you,
As you sink into the soil,
You slowly burn and boil,
You can hear your heart about to pop,
And listen until it finally stops,
Then there is silence you hear so well,
You remember that your heart has almost swelled,
You feel the pressure against your chest,
This isn't a broken heart like all the rest,
It's different than that,
But no better than shattered peices of glass,
That you pick up only to break again,
No,this heart has been here all along,
It's just hasn't been used wrong,
It's just been a wasted space of apathy,
So light it and burn it,
Boil it and devour it,
Waste it and kill it,
For all it's worth.

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

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