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» Poem: Purely Denial
Purely Denial
written by Lady Deathstrike
04:22 AM 4/23/05
He's gone, he's gone
I repeat these words words
Like a never ending song
How could it be?
Just yesterday he held my hand
Said I was his girl, and he was my man

I'll sit here and cry
And try to figure out what was on his mind

Was it acid?
'Cause that's what they said
Was it your alcoholic dad?
Or was all the pressure just getting to your head?

When you pulled the trigger
Did you think of me?
Who said you got to choose what the outcome would be?

You had an unknown cheat code
To the game of life
You took fate into your hands
Caused me to return to the knife

Pouring out my heart across a keyboard sticky with tears
opening up to strangers
revealing my fears

And they will all move on
when the sun comes up...
If it be thy will, oh lord,
Take from me this cup

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

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