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» Poem: dream
written by Exodus.
04:32 AM 4/23/05
My dream

I was in the supermarket, and I had done something terrible, so my first instint was too run, just to get away from the terrible thing that I had done. I was running through the supermarket and I could here the voices of my pursuers everywhere, the walls were closing in on me. I ran outside, but I guess, in the run though the supermarket all of my clothes had been ripped off. I ran through the streets naked trying to find a place where I could get a change of clothes, and thought to myself if I donít get a change of clothes pretty quick I am going to get arrested for streaking. I had nowhere to go so I decided that the best course of action was to run back to the sceen of the crime because no-one would think of looking for me there. As I was running back through the very streets from which I had just come I was stopped by a cop, so I ran faster and harder. When I got back to the supermarket I was bombarded by cops all wanting my head, so I ran into a home jumped on a bed which still had the mother, father and baby of a latino family in it. With the gun I held in my hand I held that baby and the people hostage on that bed. Things were happening very fast. I wanted to tell the father of the baby of which I was holding a gun to his sonís head that I was not going to hurt his son, but so many things were happening that I didnít get a chance too. I was scared out of mind, about how fast the situation was escalating. The cops were breaking into the house I could hear them. I sat there on the bed with the baby, and I asked the father if the baby could speak yet, he replied no. The I asked for his name, it was Danielle, my name. I told the baby in Spanish a language that I thought the baby might understand, that I am danelle, that I loved him, and that he was very brave. I could tell that the mother and father who were sitting next to me where on my side. At that time I had realized that I had used up all my bullets and I was panicking,, then mother out of nowhere handed me another clip, I said thank you in a almost crying way, I was back in control. Then the break inís started. The mother clued me in on a intruder behind me in the closet, I asked if she had a smoke bomb and she did. I was having a problem untwisting the cap so I just shot the wall with my gun, and with a funny remark I told them to get back. The man cane into view I tried to shoot him right then and there but my gun jammed, soon it un- jammed but he inched along the wall inside and jumped on top of the baby head to head, it turned into my sister. She said now what are you going to do, I shot my sister in the head 3 times, not harming the baby.
She got up and with her last ounce of strength said I thought you loved me, I am your sister, how could you do this, and she died on top of the baby. I pushed her off crying why Kristina why. I love you more than life itself, why did you have to do that. Now Iím going to hell, no god forgives all, I closed my eyes and prayed. I was in the middle of the street with the baby still in my hands with my machine gun, crying and praying in a hysterical fashion. Screaming out how could you cops make me kill my own sister. I started to run and run fast still with baby in hand. I dropped the gun and the baby, and I ran faster than I have ever run. Soon I was out of breath, I no longer had the will to continue, I blacked out. When I awoke I was back in my room, the dream was over but the pain remained. I told myself it was just a dream that it didnít really happen. A few minutes later I got a call my sister was deadÖÖÖÖÖ..idk what happened after that. All I remember are screams, please for mercy and gun shots

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

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