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» Poem: don't say your sorry or u love me
don't say your sorry or u love me
written by Ev0l_sin#TRIP
04:39 AM 4/23/05
don't say your sorry
cuz if you were
you never would have hurt me
don't say you love me
cuz if you did
you wouldn't of lied when you told me
don't say i was a mistake
cuz you learned nothing from me
your still your selfish same old self
who thinks they're so high above me
for you i did what ever it took
just to get you to trust me
as i look back , i don't sit and wonder
how could this possible be
it barely hurts me any more
the pain you give is numb from me
and i'll be fine, on my own without you
just don't say your sorry or you love me

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

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