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» Poem: you took my innocence away
you took my innocence away
written by DriinK_TiiL_y0u_L0V3_Me
04:39 AM 4/23/05
walking along side of the road
you pulled me into your car
i dont even know who the fuck you are

sitting in the back seat next to you....
im so scared,. i dont know what to do

you grabbed my wrist. gave it a twist.
i tried so fucking hard to run away-
you wouldnt let me go, there was no other way.
if i wanted to remain alive... i had to stay

i hate you so much you sick perv.
now i wish i was fucking dead!
"stop right now or ill slit your throat"
are the exact words that you said..

you were drunk, you were high;;
i would have been happy if right then i could die.
i screamed so hard to try and get away from you
no one else cared. They were drunks & stoners too

you dragged me upstairs to the bed
you told me right then to give you head
when i said no. you held the knife to my throat
icouldnt stop crying-innocent on that bed i was lying

then you took off my clothes.. you had a damn knife
i had no where to go.. you fucking bastard!!
that night you took away my life

you did it like it was no big deal
but to me, nothing will never again feel real
it hurt so bad. ive been asulted and abused.
and here i am today.. still just as confused

ever since then - i still live in fear, day after day.You
FUCKING PERVERT.. you took my innocence away!!

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

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» Comments / Feedback
by intearsforever (4-23-2005 - 06:37 AM)
Ahh, hun, I'm sorry..this is really great though..my poem One Night of Pain..is like this one, atleast part 1, part 2 is the end...*hugs*

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