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» Poem: She
written by BeHiNdThEsEbLuEeYeSz
04:46 AM 4/23/05
its a little long but its really good!!

She was very unhappy
With Her life.
Full of pain--
She never did anything right.
Clouds of Darkness
Gave way to the Sun of Pain.
It's hard to smile
Knowing the Sunshine hurts as much as rain.
She was Raped
Her "Friends" called Her a Loser.
She battled anorexia
And at home Her Dad abused Her.
She felt being Alive
Was Her only Sin
So she introduced the Razor
To Her pale skin.
She watched the Blood
Trickle down Her Arm.
Was it bad enough
To result in Harn?
People saw the scars:
They would stop and stare.
Rumors started to spread
But She pretended not to Care.
Then She thought
Nothing could get Worse.
But more things happened...
She just burst.
She took the Bullet
And Loaded the Gun.
She thought She wouldn't
Be missed by Anyone.
She took the Gun
And put it to Her head
When the Ambulance arrived...
She was pronounced Dead.

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

Author's footnotes and comments on this Poem:
i wrote it in history class cuz i was bored. i have more if you want them. IM ME FOR THEM... DO NOT EMAIL ME!!

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