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» Poem: Eternal Dancer
Eternal Dancer
written by HowlinWolf
05:28 AM 4/23/05
The music plays on and on
She dances 'round and 'round,
twirling endlessly out on that floor
He watches her, dreamin' of holdin' her tight
He don't see he has no chance
She isn't interested,
and she never was
She spins right past
And so the tune goes on

After the dance, at the end of the night,
he seeks her out
She's still hearing the soundless song,
talking to her partner
He doesn't like this sight
She was his first
and so shall she remain
He stormed over, spittin'
Angry and discontent,
he pulled her away

Hours come and pass
Only one knows what happened
out in that parking lot
He hasn't said a word
All the while, she's a prisoner
O, try as she might,
she just can't escape
So, commanded and forced,
she must put on a final show
The beat echoes forever

The poor, young soul
She never did return to that floor
So many question her disappearance
Others guess but know no answers
Sad how none of them can see
that lone dancer,
twirling endlessly out on that floor
She moves to a soundless song,
no longer the girl they once knew
Forever she dances alone,
the poor eternal dancer

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

Author's footnotes and comments on this Poem:
I think this might describe how I feel. I feel trapped by my most recent ex-boyfriend. In this poem, the girl was trapped and didn't know until it was too late.

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