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» Poem: One Night of Pain {Part II}
One Night of Pain {Part II}
written by intearsforever
06:27 AM 4/23/05
What no one sees,
Cannot hurt them,
But finding the truth,
Can always hurt.

She was not the kind of person,
You would say,
But she held secrets,
She was not what you thought.

She jumped around,
She smiled happily,
She laughed incredibly.
She was everybody’s favorite.

But what she held within,
Was something no one could see,
Something she just couldn’t help but be.

She knew,
That she was different,
She knew,
It wasn’t right.
But still,
No one knew about that night.

She kept the tears within,
She kept the scars hidden.
She kept everything within,
And never let anyone in.

Until one day,
You saw her there,
All alone,
Crying with nothing to say.

You asked her why,
She wouldn’t reply.
You asked her what was wrong,
But she wouldn’t say a word.

You asked and asked her,
But still she insisted it was nothing.
You knew otherwise,
But still you just asked her to compromise.

She couldn’t tell you,
Because of what you might do.
She didn’t want anyone to know,
Of how her pain could show through.

So you didn’t mention it,
Until again,
There she was,
Crying all alone,
You wish you would have known then,
What you know now,
Maybe there was something you could have done,
Maybe you could have taken away the gun.

But you didn’t know,
Until you heard that blow.

You ran,
But you were too late,
She had taken her fate.

You held her in your arms,
As she bled the pain away,
You held her close to you,
As she confided deep within your heart,
She took a part of you,
She tore it in two.

She told you what had happened,
She told you what caused the pain,
Then she said her last words,
“I love you, But you could never stop this pain.”

She let out a final breath,
As she was taken by death.

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

Author's footnotes and comments on this Poem:
This is the ending...yeah...

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» Comments / Feedback
by xXXsatans_l0verxXX (4-23-2005 - 08:44 AM)
OMG! great poems, that brought a tear to my eye, i love it!!!!!

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