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» Poem: i yearn for the end
i yearn for the end
written by vilesoul
06:33 AM 4/23/05
how easy it would be. to just take away my own life. to rid me of this reality. to just cease to exist. just to down a bottle of hazardous pioson. to just walk into the kitchen and reach for the kitchen knife, which seems to call me, urges me to let my shattered soul out of this body. all i want to do is die. all i want. when others talk about their dreams, wishes and hopes. i envy them. i would do any thing just to feel again. something other than pain and hate. but will the short moments of happiness do any good? is it worth it to feel for a short moment, only to become broken again?
when this happiness and love will only bring back my past? all i want to do is stop. stop spinning, thinking, hurting, breathing. if my life was unexpectedly cut short, would any one care? or would everyone say, awwwww what a waste of oxygen.i need to stop picking this apart and just take care of this. will i make the decision of relief, or will i have a shred of strength left??

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by Jess_Is_Cool (4-23-2005 - 07:17 AM)
beautiful. you get me

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