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» Poem: The Battliefield (about life)
The Battliefield (about life)
written by intearsforever
07:03 AM 4/23/05
I walk alone,
This dark and painful night,
Walking through the battlefield,
In which we call life.

So much anger,
So much depression,
So many lives,
Taken by agression.

People running,
People hiding,
People going about their lives,
Counting how many people survive.

This world,
Is nothing but a big hole,
A hole with too many things to worry about.

We have rules,
We are under the influence of fools.
People laugh,
People cry,
But people really do die.

Are you someone,
Going about your ways,
Telling lies,
Or is it just one of your days?

The saying of, "sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you?"

Sticks and stones,
Will break your bones,
But words can also kill you.

Lying on the ground,
Crying for help,
Wanting love,
Needing attention,
Does no one have any comprehension?

I'm sorry,
But this world is nothing but a battlefield,
A battlefield filled with lies,
And I see no butterflies.

We have happy times,
But most of us,
Are under so much stress.

This world is crumbling,
People are dying,
People cant find an answer,
So some just die.

Why is there hate,
Why do we all descrate.

This world,
Is nothing but a battlefield,
Where we have lost millions,
And billions,
Lost to all us civilians.

This world lies,
This world hates,
But some of us just have to take our fate.

We live upon a battlefield,
With no sword,
No shield.

How can we protect,
When all we seem to do,
Is infect?

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

Author's footnotes and comments on this Poem:
Umm, yeah, just some strange interpretation of life.

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