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» Poem: screaming out
screaming out
written by thinkerbell62071
07:05 AM 4/23/05
im screaming out of someone to love how he loves me
i want to be notice like all the other pretty girls are
when i try to talk to him they dont see me it seems like there looking through me it feels like im not even alive
i want to be a somebody
i scream out for someone to love him how he use to do
i want a friend that will help me go through the bad times
i need someone to care for me hold me when im crying
i want to be a somebody
i want to find that special someone
i dont want to be alone anymore
im screaming out for a hand to bring me in but there no one out there that notice me why am i the one that feel left out im the one that feels ugly and fat that wants to run and leave the love one behind
i want to explore life
im screaming out for you to love me like you use to do

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