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» Poem: Live and Let Die
Live and Let Die
written by intearsforever
07:20 AM 4/23/05
The rain is pouring,
As the day is dawning.
I stand up,
Walk along,
As I am simply ignoring.
All facts to life.

I walk along,
As the rain comes hard,
I see others walking,
I wonder if they are also scarred.

But what's the point in wondering,
If I will never truly know,
Because I would never even say hello.

This world,
As black as it can be,
Is something I love,
And appreciate.
For all it is,
And all it has been.

The secrets it holds,
The life it carries,
I watch as it all unfolds.

I love the air,
I love the rain,
I admit,
I love even the sunshine.
But only some of the time.

The storm is coming,
As I am becoming,
But this storm,
Shall not do me damage,
For I love it all.

But sometimes,
I find it hard to truly love,
When so many people,
Tell me I do not appreciate anything,
When they say,
I am nothing but an ungrateful little girl.

But how can one not love this world,
When it is what holds us,
It cradles us,
It protects us.

Death is a part of life,
So is a new child.

Why hate,
When we are in this life,
Why regret,
When there is no threat?

I do not regret,
The many things gone wrong,
For I know,
That it was something meant to be,
And that I truly do belong.

Do not doubt,
What we are given,
Because in the end,
We will always be forgiven.

Live and let die,
As this world never really lied.
It's here for us,
And all our dreams,
With or without our screams.

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

Author's footnotes and comments on this Poem:
Really people, suicide is never an answer. Appreciate this earth, as it lets us live, even if we die, it was meant to be, so please, just try and see.

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