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» Poem: Daydream's
written by anette1989
09:32 AM 4/23/05
Daydream's come and go slow and fast night to day they show me the way to love you more and more everyday. I guess you can say I daydream of you in every kind of way is the best day I could ever have in just one day. To daydream of you make's my day seem better than yesterday and everyday.I guess I'm just trying to get to a point to make my word's seem better than what I really make them to be. So I guess I will go with this for a day or two so here I go I love you so very much it's crazy to be me cause I know I'm crazy for you in every big and little way as you know as far as I can go to show you how much I really truly do love you from my soul to my life you hold as your's

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