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» Poem: Turn Reality into Dreams
Turn Reality into Dreams
written by Silent_Hate
09:53 AM 4/23/05
Sing me the lullaby of death,
From depths of the hellish decay,
Dont cry while I take my last breath,
Leave me alone to whither away,

My shattered torn heart,
Is a bloody mess,
You've torn my insides a part,
You left me with so much stress,

Now I can hear the rain,
Drip over and over in unison,
It cannot feel the pain,
Like myself and everyone,

I told you to keep me away from me,
I harrased you with my screams,
Hopefully your crying cause you finally see,
That my reality is turning into dreams.

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

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» Comments / Feedback
by suicide-fairie (4-23-2005 - 09:59 AM)
nice poem :)! XxX

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