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» Poem: sinking deeper
sinking deeper
written by suicide-fairie
09:58 AM 4/23/05
i thought at last i could fly
but then i learned the higher you fly
the more you have to fall back down
happiness that once feels good now feels bad
turns into guilt making me feel sad
again il take the guilt
il take the blame
again il feel numb
take a knife to my skin
watch the blood run
cover it up and lie
i promise you this aint the way i will die
again im crying
bringing myself down
sitting in the dark not making a sound
as i think my dreams away
wotching bright coulours threw hazy eyes
il stop the tears il try
shaking but im not scared
i no what lies ahead
my life is predictable
i close my eyes and i see you in my head
i wake back up and i smile for you
im fragile in a world so ruff
i have no protection
im hurt again
im battered and im bruised
got used to the abuse
im a little lost child
waiting for someone to make me good
il wait and il wait
watching the selfhate grow old with me
sinking deeper into my soul
its a perminant feature of mine
hurt me
so i dont have to
cry for me so i look strong
would that be so wrong?
i wish i was special to someone
the shadows become friendly when your all alone
this poem is just worthless words.......
ignore them just like you want to ignore me

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

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