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» Poem: Madness Chained in Overture
Madness Chained in Overture
written by SadistAria
11:10 AM 4/23/05
Hero fodder of the Gods,
Dives into the deepest chasm,
This failing deity
No longer prays to wish
Of simple peace
For His unspoken city
Dies in it’s sickened slumber

Sunsetter of distant valleys
Thy bright chariot of gold
Fail into the celestial peak,

From the necromantic hand
Which made my Devil mad,
This scourge is mine
Of a punished sacrifice
In archaized eyes of fire
Deflowered from the age’s arms,

Gorgon Bride of Lust
An engraved blood doctrine
Written for thee,

‘A bare naked choke
Of the lair’s dank smoke
Holds the fragrant stature
Of a hissing beast

Smoldering torches light the wicked walls,
Led to a painted murder
Lavish to us all

Floors of boglike mist
Hath beat me down
Descended to Hell
Where molten rain
Is the tears of Her love

A haunted cove of the dead
Schemes a lonely flowered bed
Oft She sobs into the light
Won nothing to a fight
That leaves a venomous scar,
Like the zodiac harp
Played to free thy heart’

“Chaos, Gaping Void of Night,
Gaea Saddened Mother Earth,
This foretold mirror took my sight
And stained movement of thy hearth
…Rome, is forever gone…”

Proprius profanus preces,

Desolated Angel,
Licked the boots of madness
Unto the lunar faces,
Shadowed in season change
Like sore cataracts
Crossed from despise,
Of dark nymphs sodomized
Mounted in ceremonial aria

The Clockwork Son of the Seraphim,
Bear the heavenly tools,
To slay the pupating ghouls

Blow the reed
In the thickened forest;
Wilts the dryad camphor,
And the prized seal
Captured in stone
As a graven sacrifice

Hidden from the land,
Stitched with abominations,
Forlorn of mistaken craft,
Meandering in folly through the crypt,
Halts the breathless name
Of a bitter brand
Forever undefined

Into the asylum,
A foolish lamb of God,

Mother Mortician of Sin
An engraved blood doctrine
Written for thee,

‘A crown of disease
Ends the erotic please
Mends the bestial scent
Of a bowered fiend

Kindled tapers above the Golden Dawn halls,
Shepherds to a vacant death
Lavish to us all

Grounds of abortion
Hath left thee drowned
Ascended to Heaven
Amongst the God
Whilst thy iced moonlit yard

To an eerie gale tomb
Shrouded in cosmic ace,
Under broken Baphomet Star
He is born from filth in womb
Like labored avatar,
Ailing thy blessed heart’

“Chaos, Gaping Void of Night,
Gaea, Saddened Mother Earth,
This foretold mirror took my sight
And stained movement of thy hearth
…Rome, is forever gone…

I spread my wings
To reap the vice of solemn judgement,
Hidden from a Blacksteel smile
A principled bondage now gone
Of nightmare fever bound to me
Unto ebony eyes of paradise,
Fluttered suffered limbs

Fallacy of my existence,
Abided what has been done,
I dream of eternal sunset
Where my soul migrates
Into Dawn’s cradle
And under Autumn winds,
…My beloved…

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

Author's footnotes and comments on this Poem:
Dream that I had...nothing to it!

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