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» Poem: Death's Veil For Dawn
Death's Veil For Dawn
written by SadistAria
11:22 AM 4/23/05
Soak thine eyes in this ray of light
Blood spattered skies weave dawn's tapestry
As time eases thy mind o'er the glistening sea
Carnivorous winds plague thy skin of ivory
He is thy snuffer of embraced delight
Embedded in thine mind forevermore
Thy smoke of sweet sorrow carry on with lust
Embedded in thine soul nevermore

Death's veil,
In the black gallery,
Hangs thy name of our time
And crucified by the nails of fate
...For dawn"

Moonrise brings thy scarlet tears,
Her face shines watercolours on dispair
Nocternal legacies unfolds thy name
This is thy mare I cannot bear
Thine doom brought flowers of jeers
Awakened in thine life forevermore
Thy light of bitter existance carry on with lust
Awakened in thine death nevermore

Death's veil,
In the barred tomb,
Brings thee roses in your loss
And defiled by the ancient curse
...For dawn"

(Originally written in July 2004, RECOVERED)

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

Author's footnotes and comments on this Poem:
Very Old work of mine, and my first!

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