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» Poem: Empress of Woe and Her Dark Lord
Empress of Woe and Her Dark Lord
written by SadistAria
11:26 AM 4/23/05
My Queen of Rome
Gazes into the celestial looking glass
With a pernicious glare of suicide
As Autumn's blessed cemetery winds
Recall the memories from onyx panes
Of vivid vistas

Raven haired Goddess of Palestine
Embraces the bloodlust of silver blades
Released ruby stained compassion,
Fluxed flesh of malice,
Under the tears of the fallen ones
A` droite oath of God
Also ripped of thine mask
Exposed Gypsy of ice...

The swaying willow soaks dusk under it's wings
Frees the lanterns of lost loves from Styx

Once radiant,
Thy rusted halo of virtue
Shattered as Sin swept away
Beats of my witch black heart,
Bled under the five-pointed stars
And the rotting sisters of the night

Once pure,
Froze in stone under thy lure
Take my hand
Ring silver bells for Christ
Whisper His name for Hell
Spay the soul snared in amber
Never torn from your word
O'er thy deal,
Once She Sinned

"Sins of dusk
Rapture me in thy arms
With a hymn of damnation,
To razor's edge where I die!"

We slay the mother of sythes
With molten hatred
Kneeling before Satan!)

In the sacred grove where the beast is king,
Breaths thy nemesis of darkness
Forever lurking for thy name,
To dismantle souls of ungratefulness
And your lover of Chaos,
With an acheronian stare
As warm summer glades flow
Like a strain of angels from the skies
Exhumed in the tavernís locked hopes
Waxen flesh cut from despair
Tidal releases like roses bled
A wrist of sprites expelled ruby water
And the gentle cries of a saint lost,
Engraved thy deeds of flesh

My Empress of Woe
Leers into the Olympian cracked mirror
With enchanting eyes of pity,
As Aphrodite's forgotten kiss,
A momento of fantasies from Sheol's lake
Of burning wreaths

Silky skinned Bride of the Abyss
Cradles the lamb from thy tainted bog
Forsaken relics extruded,
Exiled distress from Her empire,
Wept the tears shed from the dead
A` gauche cumber of Lucifer
Applyed the Sun's glades of light
Hidden danceur of sects...

The haunting oak corrupts dusk within it's clutch
Frees the ebon lights of lost loves from Styx

Thy rusted crown of fidelity
Stolen as Sin swept away
Rythmns from my marble breast
Bled as thorns of cried deceit
And gawking patriarchs of the circle

Once pure,
Still in stone by thy overture
Take my hand
Ruin chiming keys for His Xanthippes
Whisper His name for Hell
Forbidden hearts of the damned, now binded
Never torn by your word
O'er the deal
Once sinned,

"Forgivance under dawn
Free me of thy name
With a song of the dead,
To razor's edge where I die!"

We kill the fathers of Sin
With sinsiter hatred
Kneeling before Satan!)

-For Mary-
"Don't worry..."

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

Author's footnotes and comments on this Poem:
For a lover lost...

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