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» Poem: I AM beautiful....i think....
I AM beautiful....i think....
written by Xx_mistik_xX
11:56 AM 4/23/05
I wana believe, everything that you say,
But I only know, how to live one way.
You say Iím beautiful, I believe it I do,
But for so long I took comfort in it, then along came you.
You say you donít care, about the hair or the makeup
You say it a bonus, you try to shake it up.
Itís nice to know, that you feel that way,
But itíll be awhile, until thatís what I can say.
I remember before, with the name-callings and hurt,
I donít want to go back, to sitting in dirt.
I used this, to pry my way,
Into a reality and for now I will stay.
Iím happy now, canít you see it?
Iím not alone, and donít think I'm hurt by it.
I love you for you, and you for me,
And thatís the way, its suppose to be.
I am beautiful, no matter what I say,
But this is it for now, itís my only way.

All (c)Copyrights reserved by the Original Author.

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