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EvilTiger's Poetry Profile

Lastest info from EvilTiger:
I 'm trying make band called "Unsatisfied".The poems I made will be songs and in a book that will be made.I'm a devil worshiper. To fight against the system for the rights of beliefs of a diffent culture of a brutal lifestlye that is evil minded, organize, armored, armed, superior minds with technology.That can be for war to help nations to bring fear to all enemies to have peace.The research of a mastermind computer and to establish a temple base of dark religion.That will be on a island away from all with the U.S.A keeping eye.A place for people like minded to serve as a helping hand for the U.S.A and research of new techonlogy.To be supernatural warlocks and soldiers with power of a religious kingdom of dedication.This place will have rituals of music concerts and other stuff of our beliefs.With me to be the savior of satanists and demonists with a new culture.This will give justice of freedom with art, religion, and a diffent system of living.

EvilTiger's bio:
My personality type is ISFP. Introverted (I) 57% Extraverted (E) 43% Sensing (S) 50% Intuitive (N) 50% Feeling (F) 55% Thinking (T) 45% Perceiving (P) 59% Judging (J) 41% Past: Evil with issues and demons. Music I like: Metal,techno,and rap. Things I do: write poetry,draw,online,play guitar,go to peaceful places,and more. My astrology signs for the west and east are: The Fire Tiger and Cancer the crab that rules the moon and is a water sign. I'm always twisted because my evil side of the past tries to contral my life.My soul is scarred by the blades of solitary confinement and trying to love hurts to the point. I can't fight for it.I'm colorcoded with emotions you can see.now I will reveal my past of truth.I can't get away from. I don't know what age it was;but I was 4 or 5 when I was maladjusted by a family member.My parants got devoirs when I was 6 years old and I got bully by somebody 13 years older then me.I move 3 times and got into 3 fights;that I won by defending myself.Got chase by a gang of preps when I was 14 years old.16 to now;I walk with a cd player everywhere,make poetry,draw,play guitar and live where two street are full of hell and drugs. That I hate and don't do. This is no lie of trickery;this is the truth I can't escape.THIS IS MY HELL TO GO TO HELL!!!The past of evil is not me no more.My heart will find the way to grow wings and fly away from the hell I made.My tears of sorrow will be no more.I start from the bottom of hell to try find a way out. I'm a falling angel trying to fly away to a place of paradise to be with god and Jesus.I'm a angel that will fight the demons awaywith the help of the lord.Evil is poison to the mind to make death, hate, pain, and depression.This place called hell is lava that will burn with a endless fire of pain.Jesus die on the cross to give us the opportunity to give are love to god to be in a place away from hell. ========================================================================================== My Past of Shadows the Devil try to make me think.The devil makes DEPRESSION,PAIN,HATE,EVIL,SUICIDE,KILLING,SIN,NOT CARING ABOUT ANYTHING,TORTURE,AND PROBLEMS.He put thoughts in your head to make you do something bad.You can only survive with love of God and Jesus. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ *PAST* What I feel is what I am.I'm F*** up in the past and everything now.Poems,short storys,and music is what I like to do.I work out my body to get the perfect body.The pain,hate,and suffing made me to stay alone in life.Its hard for girls to take me for this.I think some girl will stay with me for life,but hell on it.Trust I give to people so nothing will go wrong,but it always turns out all wrong.I will turn too powerful to leave love out of my life,but I have two sides of me people don't see my evil side and good side.That mean pure love and pure evil.The end of me is the end of you.My e-mail is eviltigermx2002@yahoo.com

Poem TitleDate
Solitary blood slice4/16/05
Pain is pleasure but death will come4/10/05
If you want to see;who I am!!!4/10/05
Protected by Satan3/27/05
You can't prove god is real3/6/05
Poison-[Cancer eats the heart]2/26/05
Love from the Heart-[ made from my past]2/26/05
Alone in the mirror-[death in a cry]2/19/05
You think you know2/9/05
All Religions,Cults,and Belief Groups2/8/05
Dead to all-[killing the pain]2/8/05
Hail Satan!2/6/05
Metal bands in Louisiana2/6/05
Voices of issues [part1]1/30/05
Death from a rose-(love causes suicide)1/23/05
Prison of life like a torture in hell1/9/05
The Nightmare from Hell-[dark delusions]1/8/05
New time with more pain1/1/05
Wasted killers and unknown belief1/1/05
My last poem-[death of dreams]12/30/04
Twisted mind and Twisted words12/29/04
Change of View of Life12/29/04
Can't Heal My Soul-[suicide thought war]12/25/04
The Razor that cut the sight12/24/04
My Unclear Poems-[Dark secret]12/22/04
[drowning sea]-Don't feel like anything12/18/04
Drowning in my Blood12/18/04
"Don't want to exist in this world"11/24/04
"By My Self In My Mind Alone"11/21/04
Weak Brain and A New System11/21/04
Unsatble mind-(words of meaning)11/20/04
Real Demon -The demon that was forgotten10/24/04
"F#ck Everything"{my feelings are real}10/23/04
demon urge10/16/04
Through me Away-[have a glost]10/9/04
Dreams Wash Away10/9/04
Hellish Grounds[Real Satan believer]10/4/04
Love is a Parasite-[my view and others]10/3/04
Stereotype Mind-(Killer's torture mind)10/2/04
Cruel World9/25/04
Lies of the devil being bad.9/25/04
Cuttroat souls9/25/04
Another Antichrist9/25/04
Fading Memory9/25/04
Screaming Brain9/25/04
Awake the Nightmare9/19/04
Negative Sorrow9/19/04
Meanless Thoughts9/19/04
"Hidden Power"9/11/04
"Evil Curse of Self"9/11/04
"Together Forever"9/6/04
Night Walker9/6/04
Crazy Brain9/6/04
Evil Sight8/28/04
The Maze of Life8/28/04
Torn and Forsaken8/28/04
Blood drop8/28/04
The deep dark sea of life8/28/04
Blind and Dead8/28/04
Fear of bad times8/28/04
Devil's Eye8/28/04
Hell in your Eyes8/28/04
"Contral myself "8/22/04
Carve in the flesh8/21/04
Narrow minded #18/21/04
"Scars of the Past"8/8/04
Witness the curse of life7/31/04
A Evil Dream7/19/04
The Devil Bat within myself7/19/04
Angel and Demon7/19/04
Made Fade7/19/04
You Lose Me7/19/04
Darken candle7/19/04
The Path of Night with Moonlight7/19/04
Run away7/19/04
Time to leave me to die alone7/19/04
Fade into night7/19/04
Red Dragon7/19/04
Stab Heart7/19/04
My worst enemy7/19/04
Alone to die7/19/04
Darkness is Heartless7/19/04
The thing that won't die7/19/04
Pain of cries7/19/04
Evil lies flood my mind7/19/04
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