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AthiestAnarchist's Poetry Profile

AthiestAnarchist's bio:
I have the most amazing guy in the world....I love you so much Joey! You're the only person I'll ever love...I'll be with you until I die.

Poem TitleDate
End of the World4/21/05
Only You Can Make Me Happy4/19/05
To My Only Love4/17/05
It Scared Me...4/17/05
It's You....4/17/05
The Anger4/16/05
I Love You4/12/05
My Mind...4/12/05
It Hurts4/10/05
I Miss You4/10/05
Memories and Reality4/9/05
You Can't Keep Us Apart4/9/05
Let Me Go4/8/05
I'm Sorry4/3/05
I Wish Today Had Never Happened4/2/05
Was That Our Last Goodbye?3/29/05
This is Just it....3/29/05
Just Being Confused3/29/05
What Love Does3/25/05
I'm So In Love With You3/22/05
I Just Realized....3/20/05
Life Finally Means Something3/14/05
Stupid Fucking Mind3/9/05
My Only Escape3/8/05
I don't even know3/5/05
The End3/4/05
All I Have to Say is This:3/3/05
Pissed Off3/2/05
My Head2/27/05
Lost and Crazy2/27/05
Fucking Games....2/27/05
What I Realize About You2/27/05
I'll Love You Always2/27/05
I don't fucking care!2/26/05
I'm sick of it.2/25/05
Behind My Back2/25/05
Depressing Winter2/23/05
Fear and Love2/21/05
I Don't Want This To Disappear2/18/05
The Day I Leave Forever2/16/05
What the Fuck?2/16/05
What All I Hate2/9/05
Through Your Eyes2/5/05
What You Couldn't See2/1/05
Don't Let Me Go2/1/05
OUR FATE1/30/05
My Fate and You1/30/05
Only If You Cared...1/29/05
No More Patience!1/29/05
The Old Me is Dead1/27/05
It's a Fucked Up Life Isn't it?1/27/05
When Life Doesn't Matter1/25/05
This is how I feel1/24/05
This is My Weekness1/24/05
Beanten Down1/24/05
Black as the Nights Rain1/24/05
Completely Apart1/24/05
Love Me or Don't You?1/24/05
Red Drops Of Hate1/24/05
There, I said it1/24/05
What I Wasted1/24/05
Your Problems Killed Me1/6/05
What you mean to me.1/2/05
What the Fuck?! I mean really...1/2/05
Holding on1/1/05
What I am1/1/05
The Lonly Emotions1/1/05
We Could Have Died.12/23/04
My demon12/23/04
Live or Die12/22/04
Ignoring me...12/22/04
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!12/21/04
My Closure to your Death12/20/04
Fuck it!!12/20/04
Let it all just be12/20/04
To my friends: I'm sorry12/18/04
Why should I give a fuck?12/14/04
I am alone12/14/04
What You Take from me12/14/04
Give me a fucking reason!12/12/04
Falling for you12/11/04
If you were my friend12/10/04
I take my Blood12/9/04
Well fuck you too!12/7/04
Far Away Love12/3/04
To you my friend...12/2/04
My friendship has almost died11/29/04
Middle School Games11/29/04
Fucked up Feelings11/20/04
What the Hell Was That For?11/17/04
Dear Ben Rose11/10/04
Cutting into you11/4/04
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