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The grey raven's Poetry Profile

Lastest info from The grey raven:
I fell over in the pit in the catty and everyone tripped over me! Heehee! Mosh pits are fun!!

The grey raven's bio:
Hi! Welcome to my profile My name is Kay and I am Scottish. Most of my poetry is just randomness. Please leave a comment, you are more than welcome. Even bad ones. I need to know how to make my poems better.

Poem TitleDate
Time repeats itself (true)4/8/05
What they've reduced me to (plz comment)3/31/05
Stand and fight3/28/05
For everyone I've ever pissed off3/18/05
trapped within my fantasies3/11/05
Do you....3/5/05
I watch my life decline...2/8/05
When I'm not with you2/1/05
He ain't gonna call, so what do I do?1/27/05
My life in pieces1/23/05
Dead before the day......1/23/05
I bleed for you1/6/05
User friend1/5/05
Finally an escape from my thoughts!1/5/05
Grey skies mean rain1/4/05
My own little gravestone1/1/05
Mum, please back off!!!1/1/05
I always want what I can't have1/1/05
Shit! I fell in love.12/31/04
Nowhere left to run12/27/04
Beyond sanity12/23/04
On the edge of the cliff12/23/04
Nothing you do can hurt me12/23/04
Two separate pieces12/23/04
Torn to pieces12/21/04
Just to say fuck you12/20/04
Bubonic plague12/17/04
The perfect world12/10/04
The mainstream is a disease11/28/04
Looking back at all that shit11/28/04
Shut up miss perfect11/22/04
I just felt like writing this so, meh!11/21/04
I'm nothing (unfinished)11/21/04
For the guy I once had feelings for11/21/04
I won't fall victim to the mainstream11/21/04
For the bitch who beat me up11/21/04
Little miss popular, the school bitch11/20/04
Guilt abyss11/13/04
They're only memories11/10/04
Blood red roses11/10/04
I hate being single11/10/04
Pain for pleasure11/10/04
My untitled poem11/8/04
Once kissed, now lost11/8/04
Whats their freakin problem!!!11/8/04
Go on, ignore me why don't you!11/8/04
Freaked, Fucked, Forgotten11/8/04
Without a thought11/7/04
Just a girl11/7/04
Stupid bitch11/1/04
My unknown love11/1/04
Reality, bitter reality11/1/04
Arterial blood11/1/04
I'm alone for forever10/30/04
I'm hated10/30/04
Chinese water torture10/23/04
Body language10/20/04
Crypt angel10/12/04
Why do I love you?10/12/04
They all hate me10/11/04
Lead bullet10/11/04
Beauty in reality10/11/04
The dark forest10/11/04
Inside i'm dead10/11/04
The guy in the trenchcoat10/11/04
Padded cell10/11/04
Bloody tears10/8/04
A heart of glass10/8/04
Blood stain10/8/04
Maths teacher10/8/04
Vampyre kisses10/7/04
I'm not me10/7/04
A SONG ABOUT NEDS!!!!!!10/7/04
A death to remember10/4/04
The reality of life10/4/04
Neds!!!!! (gotta read this)10/2/04
Will we remain?10/2/04
A life that never existed9/30/04
The angel's message9/29/04
I dont belong9/28/04
A rose for my sweetheart9/28/04
Dedicated to the people I hate9/28/04
A poem about the majority9/27/04
Ever or never9/27/04
Is reality really real?9/22/04
Where is nowhere?9/20/04
A million angels9/17/04
Bluidy MacKenzie9/16/04
He doesn't see me9/16/04
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