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maledeth's Poetry Profile

Lastest info from maledeth:
Well, I think people get tired of having the same old shit on their profile screen, so, amongst the many, I'll change mine into a more conformitive one......No, never mind....fuck the commoners and conformity. I stay satanic, bitches. Never giving in to the Twisted Cross. Well, go on...read my posts...I know you'll look for a sec and go away.

maledeth's bio:
A....person from CA, and...loves all types of metallic rock...such as Metallic corpses(Death Metal) Caliginous Steel(Black Metal) And grinding iron(speed/thrash) Must I forget the germanic alloy??!(Gothic Metal)

Poem TitleDate
"Discordant Midnight Cacophony"4/16/05
"Self-Sodomy Contagion"4/15/05
"From Autumn Shores"4/15/05
"Pleasure Faust Morbidity"4/14/05
"Fuck The Product Of Normality"4/14/05
"Midsummer Sapphirine"4/9/05
"Angel Of Love"4/8/05
"To The One Fag That Already Came"4/5/05
"Asphyxiate On Reminisce"3/31/05
"Suicide In Sweet Adoration"3/12/05
"Furthest From They"3/11/05
"Whoraphims, Winged Impurity"3/9/05
"To Rid Myself Of Her"3/6/05
"The Ignorant Minds Drown in Dismay"3/4/05
"Zver, Much Like Her"3/4/05
"A Tainting Garnet"3/4/05
"Ascend To Nothingmore"(To Sarah)3/3/05
"To Russia, With Sodomy"(Zver)3/2/05
"Angelic Hellfire"3/2/05
"Drenched In Apathy"3/2/05
"Bask In Silhouette With Thirst"3/1/05
"No More Pain"2/28/05
"Marked Their Hearts Self Target"2/28/05
"Left The Time, No Falter"2/28/05
"In Betray, Infliction Preyed"2/27/05
"Dead, I see The Ignorant"2/26/05
"Mass Producing Sarah"2/26/05
"Rid Me Of Dearth"2/25/05
"My Death, Your Funereal"2/24/05
"Raven Babylon"2/22/05
"Another One For Forsaken Misery"2/22/05
"Murder Me Dearly"2/18/05
"Luminosity Died At Sunset"2/16/05
"Beyond Horizons Fixated"2/14/05
"Love Bled Like A Dove"2/14/05
"Radiant, Lustrous, Yet Clandestine"2/13/05
Satin-Clad and Emerald Pierced1/30/05
Executions Oust The Silence1/24/05
Bullet To The Head1/24/05
Patience Bled Fiction1/24/05
As I Fall1/24/05
Ignorance To Stay(Away From Me)1/22/05
Eyes Like Crystalline1/11/05
Walls Of Rotting Flesh1/10/05
The End Of Plea1/9/05
Fine Day To Die1/8/05
Ebony Embedded Beneath My Skin1/8/05
Forever Mine And Ever Whore1/7/05
Raping The Vestal With A Cross1/7/05
Celestial Infested1/7/05
Satan My Master1/7/05
Sunset For Cruelty.1/5/05
Something Of A Sin To Say1/3/05
Hourglass Severed1/3/05
Twentyone To Plea(Harmonous Woe Imbrued)12/31/04
"This Calm That Drowns"12/31/04
Drugged Minds And The Wicked Blind12/28/04
"Fog Along A Black Sea"12/24/04
Big Bomb "Loves" To Blow Low12/23/04
"Bomb Disposal"12/23/04
Shotgun Shells For Deceived Looks12/21/04
Love Came With Ebony Daggers12/20/04
"Messiah Made Misanthropy"12/20/04
"Death To Scheming Emotion"12/19/04
Girl Dressed In Flame12/19/04
Fistfucking The Lust Away.12/19/04
"One Last Time"(To Genocide)12/19/04
Deth Follows The Reaper12/18/04
Black Eyes(To Genocide)12/18/04
"The Headless Three"12/16/04
The Laughter He Brings With Hypocrisy.12/16/04
Filled The Page, But Fucked Thy Reaper12/15/04
"Revolver Offensive"12/14/04
Much Further Down12/14/04
Atheistic Monolith12/10/04
The Venereal Truth12/10/04
Seldom Set For Crucifixion12/10/04
Eradication, Sealed With A Whisper12/8/04
"Failing Dawn"12/5/04
"Silver Touch"12/4/04
Blood Spattered Epiphany12/3/04
Wintry Limbs Inanimate12/2/04
Temptress In Temptation12/2/04
"Necromantically In Lust"12/1/04
Damn Thy Craven Cunts12/1/04
Emotion That Despair Had Made12/1/04
MaleDeath(Overture Of the Heavens)11/30/04
Malevolence(Morning Star Reprisal)11/30/04
Malediction(Infernal Flames Rise)11/30/04
Bathed Beneath Firmament11/25/04
Theme of Death, In Exodus11/25/04
"Maiden Be My Whore"11/25/04
Chora For The Dead11/21/04
"All I've Been"11/21/04
Bereft Seraphim11/20/04
"A Silent Mist"11/20/04
Black Falls Rising11/20/04
The Dying Faith11/16/04
"Serenity Darkens"11/13/04
Saviour, Thus A Deity.11/13/04
"Descend in Echelon"10/27/04
Bittersweet Kisses And Tenacious Rape10/27/04
Religion Helps Me Breathe In Spite10/20/04
"My Love"(Mi Amor)10/20/04
"Mi Amor"(My Love)10/20/04
"In Bitter Sleep"10/20/04
"Ecliptic, Frail, And Fantasized"10/19/04
"Ravenous Until Thee Bleeds"10/16/04
"In Masturbation and Dark Blood"10/11/04
Strychnine Screams(Shores Sway Further)10/1/04
Cyanide Dreams(Left Upon Ghastly Shores)9/25/04
Xianity,"Reverent Castration"9/25/04
Wilt In Charades, Unknown9/18/04
Written in Stone or fate(To Disgrace)9/17/04
Epitome Of Near Happenstance9/13/04
"Sanguis Lacrima Caelus"9/12/04
Quick word--Untitled--9/11/04
RaptureOfTheDeep(In Darkness)9/11/04
"Makeshift Harmony"9/11/04
RaptureOfTheDeep(Nitrogen Narcosis)9/11/04
Another Fucking Hate Anthem9/11/04
Psychosomatic Oddity9/2/04
"LIfe Not Mine"9/2/04
Final Solution(verse I,II,III)9/2/04
Reaper So Deficient9/2/04
"Eased Upon a Painful Truth"9/1/04
The take on my duality8/31/04
"May It"8/31/04
Nameless Theatrical Theme Of Fornication8/31/04
Omen(verse I & II)8/28/04
Sweet Insertions8/28/04
Winter Snowfall in August8/28/04
Myriad discernment(The hypocrits)8/28/04
Corpse of a City8/28/04
"Furthest From They"8/28/04
Patience bled fiction(Poetic version)8/28/04
So far, I admit...8/28/04
Celestis Mors8/26/04
calamity of mine8/25/04
In the Valley8/4/04
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