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Poem TitleDate
Pick up the pieces. THen break your back11/24/04
Dont mourn me when im dead. do it now.11/24/04
Dress me up11/24/04
Dont cry when I'm gone..11/24/04
He'll kill himself. You'll lose me.11/24/04
No glow in the casket *for my uncle*11/24/04
He wasnt ready to die. He wanted to.11/23/04
Tears Un-heard11/20/04
Slice my wrists, like you slice cake..11/20/04
Not good enough11/20/04
New feelings.11/20/04
Your eyes are full of pride.11/20/04
Love isn't worth it.11/20/04
Please dont hold me on the floor.11/19/04
I lost my touch.11/16/04
Love never felt so strong.11/16/04
Don't seal the love.11/16/04
We see something in eachother.11/16/04
Haunting Eyes.11/16/04
Slit your wrists, from poems like piss.11/16/04
Not a real friend.11/16/04
Our lips.11/16/04
My memories are gone11/9/04
I'm pretty with you.11/9/04
Your eyes.11/9/04
un-spoken love...Blame it on the cat.11/9/04
Un-noticed love11/9/04
Take a Chance with me11/9/04
Never felt beautiful11/7/04
Writing other peoples stories.11/7/04
Our eyes match.11/5/04
Wash away feelings.11/5/04
Dont let this work.11/4/04
My turn to run.11/4/04
I turn my head.11/4/04
Your eyes.11/4/04
Your a sickness.11/4/04
Your love came at the wrong time.11/4/04
Why am i yours?10/29/04
Feelings mean nothing, and love hurts.10/29/04
Your eyes meet mine.10/29/04
Bringer of Tears.10/29/04
I'm nothing...10/29/04
The tear marks the door.10/29/04
Putting on a play.10/26/04
Bad Memories.10/26/04
Run away.10/26/04
You Held Me Back.10/26/04
My coffin10/26/04
lullabies of goodbyes.10/26/04
Trying to forget you.10/26/04
never knew this kind of death.10/26/04
Taking your knives.10/22/04
things i dont deserve10/22/04
Kill this high.10/20/04
Make it go away.10/20/04
cant stop love.10/19/04
Lost a lot.10/18/04
Silently trying to get over you.10/18/04
End my pain for your sake.10/17/04
Cop cars, love, you.10/17/04
A Boy with grey hair.10/17/04
Things ARENT better.10/17/04
I Run from Love.10/15/04
the hurt of not knowing..10/14/04
you love when people die loving you10/14/04
I'm everything i hated.10/13/04
Cant write about anything, but you.10/13/04
Minus love and "meant to be's"10/13/04
Love on, love off?10/13/04
I'll never find real love.10/13/04
This WONT work10/13/04
A girls last wish10/13/04
A boy who was grey.10/13/04
Depressed and Alone.10/11/04
No one.10/11/04
The Knife10/10/04
Just you.10/10/04
Someone new.10/10/04
Is this unfair?10/9/04
All i need is some pain10/9/04
Comfort in a knife.10/9/04
Distance brings pain...10/9/04
Love hurts...Like stab marks.10/9/04
Thinking of you tonight10/9/04
give up this fight..10/8/04
Secrets locked away..10/8/04
Pouring out my heart..10/8/04
This fad isn't "neat".10/8/04
Love is a game...10/7/04
"im not like you"10/6/04
Our love is failing10/6/04
Its Just another day...10/4/04
take me away?9/18/04
Your never there.7/15/04
I want it badly7/15/04
OuR sTuPiD cRuSh...7/10/04
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