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Lastest info from i_love_sandy:
i wanna get a mowhawk really bad. and die it pink blue and black. that'd be awsome

Poem TitleDate
big brother( come on home )12/6/04
dont read, it sux( only friends )12/6/04
i'm not fat i'm phat12/5/04
just a kid12/5/04
family i will never have12/4/04
i miss you Raven12/4/04
my slaughter(i killed your girl)12/4/04
because i'm nothing12/4/04
the west night love11/26/04
truth be told me you hold11/19/04
father and I11/16/04
dear god its a monkey11/7/04
alrighty then( read read read NOW!)11/7/04
hey its me10/30/04
[ . I guess you're not my true love . ]10/23/04
[ . thank you, i'm sorry . ]10/23/04
[ . i need you . ]10/13/04
how i am so muderous10/9/04
chicken moo(read it its funny)10/9/04
i do what i want(damn you sandy)10/9/04
vampire buddy10/9/04
the new me10/9/04
my black electric ROCKS!!!10/9/04
OMAR IS FUNNY!!!10/9/04
it burns it burns9/26/04
i'm sorry, ok9/25/04
i'm putting my love on ice9/25/04
cut cut cut(kahno my sweet)9/25/04
cry( for kahno )9/23/04
at the punk rock show9/23/04
here i come( you cant hide )9/23/04
its funny when i die9/23/04
to my parents9/23/04
ima video game freak.i'm grounded, ok9/23/04
i'm here, sandy9/21/04
i'm insane9/21/04
furbys! like kahno! lol9/21/04
i dont get this ( kahno )9/18/04
somethings missing9/11/04
i am just a nothing9/9/04
Chris(t...mobile guy)9/8/04
the forgotten girl9/8/04
i know i suck(sandy is right)9/6/04
death of my seasons9/6/04
to kahno from alex and sean9/5/04
3 times(i cant breathe)9/5/04
not just another day9/5/04
my war is over( sandy saved me )9/5/04
we'll be ok( angel named sandy )9/5/04
my good killed friendship(steph)9/2/04
my feelings for god8/28/04
insults( read it its funny )HAPPY BUNNY!8/28/04
my colors(shades of my pain)8/28/04
kahno is my heaven8/28/04
i need u kahno8/28/04
watch me burn8/27/04
echoes in my head( i am a freak )8/27/04
why am i still here8/27/04
tell me why(kahno)8/27/04
beaten with a stick(kahno, plz save me)8/27/04
in a while, maybe tomorrow( my goth )8/26/04
once more( kahno )8/26/04
i remember now8/24/04
one to two to three to death8/24/04
plz dont die sis8/23/04
kahno. 4 u. :)8/22/04
I want to be ur friend, kahno8/22/04
sorry kahno8/22/04
u dont care kahno8/20/04
kahno broke my heart8/20/04
kahno, a cheater8/20/04
in wit da new out wit da old8/17/04
scratches and bruises8/17/04
like dracula, dad.8/17/04
my weakness8/17/04
kisses in the morning8/16/04
Baby Frances8/16/04
I need to die8/16/04
kahno must read this(this tourture)8/16/04
creatures under the mushrooms8/16/04
doomed song( I am gir )8/16/04
my gut told me to, kahno8/16/04
sorry my bubble blowing fairy8/13/04
Robert Smith...The Cure8/13/04
marilyn manson and a barbie girl8/13/04
I know how you feel kahno8/12/04
I cant breathe8/12/04
cut myself for kahnos love8/12/04
kahno dont do this to me8/12/04
the stranger in love8/12/04
screw u trude8/12/04
screw u trude8/12/04
ur a dirty liar, kahno8/9/04
oh kahno dont go8/7/04
kahno. funny funny poem.8/5/04
toast...yeah..uh huh8/4/04
kahno is my true love8/4/04
this is 4 u kahno8/4/04
cold be the hand,heart, and bone8/4/04
I'm gonna say toast,Alexi8/3/04
kahno kahno kahno8/3/04
grim is my best friend,luv u kahno8/3/04
here if u need me kahno8/3/04
the 3-ringed death circus8/3/04
need to talk 2 u Norway_babe8/3/04
I see death in the mirror8/2/04
you are loved, kahno8/2/04
OH MY GOD NO!!!!!!!!!8/2/04
god, please help me8/2/04
feeling low8/2/04
goths in the park8/2/04
u stupid bitch8/2/04
little girl8/2/04
I love you kahno, I'm sorry.8/2/04
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