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Well I guess I should write the reason to why I write this stuff. Have you ever wondered? I originally started writing poetry to improve my stories. I originally started story writing to improve my vocabulary and what not. But now neither. I just love it. Some of the stuff I write is the truth. I have actually experienced it first hand. Other stuff its reasonable to say fictional; I just have the ability ramble on with shit. I have been accused of people saying "how can you write this stuff if you haven't experienced it? You don't know what its like!" Wrong. I can write it because (I haven't experienced it physically) but mentally. Wtf? You ask. Dreams children. Or should I say nightmares? So thatís the reason why I can manage to ramble. I know itís pathetic, that I seem terrified of them and write in what seems poetry, but itís a way for me to understand things better.

Poem TitleDate
let me crave more4/21/05
walk away4/21/05
hate of the cynic4/20/05
From what WAS a true self hater4/18/05
widow maker4/18/05
down and afraid4/14/05
Lend me your sorrows.4/14/05
It makes me bleed. (love self hatred?)4/14/05
ode to failure4/9/05
The void4/9/05
Iíll out live it.4/8/05
Simplicity is my aim.4/8/05
For the last time4/6/05
I fall with Grace4/2/05
near demolishment4/1/05
your precious knife4/1/05
I fucking love you4/1/05
Blinded and Alone3/31/05
No put ons no masks3/30/05
Dawn Creek3/30/05
Our Words3/25/05
Happy Valentines Day3/22/05
My fall3/20/05
The Hunted3/17/05
Forbidden mountain3/17/05
Your black rose3/16/05
fail me3/16/05
My girls.3/15/05
Not chic, no more3/15/05
When I wake up3/14/05
Time will consume3/13/05
Steal the thoughts of the sane3/12/05
lifelong negativity3/12/05
Marriage Vows3/12/05
The laments of a lonely drifter3/12/05
Mental beatings3/11/05
Pity me not3/11/05
Menstruation means aggravation3/10/05
Call me3/10/05
Oh my sweet3/10/05
When Tomorrow Comes3/9/05
Testing time3/8/05
Fragile heart3/8/05
Absorbing myself3/8/05
On the run3/6/05
Your fall3/5/05
Your secret3/3/05
Embrace me3/2/05
What is this word?3/1/05
my sins2/28/05
shrivelled away2/28/05
This life of mine2/27/05
In this world of chaos.2/27/05
GET WITH IT2/26/05
Your hell2/21/05
These addictions2/21/05
Love haunt2/17/05
All diseased2/13/05
Your blood my blood2/10/05
Coc Ekkie Mushies2/10/05
These things2/9/05
I bite back bitches2/8/05
Rapped murdered twice over2/8/05
Let the spirit free keep pushing on2/7/05
Man eating shark2/6/05
I've been bad2/5/05
So cold2/5/05
Overrated and Opinionated2/5/05
Take me away2/4/05
Learn from me2/4/05
rock spider2/3/05
No one wants you (JUST DIE)2/3/05
I see the truth2/3/05
My only shoulder2/1/05
Spineless tease2/1/05
I apologise2/1/05
We will die2/1/05
An angel about a demon1/31/05
Years of sorrow1/31/05
The passion the pain1/30/05
No longer1/30/05
Fight these demons1/27/05
My Shadow1/27/05
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