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XxXstitchesXxX's Poetry Profile

Lastest info from XxXstitchesXxX:
loves to write poems! ~single~

XxXstitchesXxX's bio:
...depressed...has friends...you can im me if you want tho.... loves to snowboard, ride dirtbikes, play her guitar((FENDER)), and cut! XxXstichezXxX

Poem TitleDate
"Cut up" (please comment)4/19/05
"Cutting=Drug" (please comment)4/9/05
"Brick Wall" (please comment)3/29/05
"Alone" (please comment)3/18/05
"Preps and Posers" (please comment)3/16/05
"My Life is Fucked Up" (please comment)3/14/05
"My life is Fucked Up" (please comment)3/13/05
"The Picture" (please comment)3/12/05
"The Picture" (please comment)3/9/05
"Freak, Goth" (please comment)3/8/05
"Phone Call" (please comment)3/8/05
"Covered" (please comment)3/7/05
"Hate and Love" (please comment)3/7/05
"The Picture" (please comment)3/6/05
"No Family" (please comment)3/6/05
"Never a Family" (please comment)3/6/05
"Another Chance" (please comment)3/6/05
"Hating Life" (please comment)3/6/05
"The Night" (please comment)3/5/05
"Do You" (please comment)3/5/05
"Lonley Gurl" (please comment)3/5/05
"No Soul" (please comment)3/5/05
"The Picture" (please comment)3/5/05
"Fuck Off" (please comment)3/4/05
"Covered" (please comment)3/4/05
"Why did You Go?" (please comment)3/3/05
"The Picture" (please comment)3/3/05
"Because of My Dad" (please comment)lol3/2/05
"The New Me" (please comment)3/2/05
"You Dont Understand" (please comment)3/2/05
"The Picture" (please comment)3/2/05
"Being Like You" (please comment)3/1/05
"Everything I Had" (please comment)3/1/05
"Why did You Go?" (please comment)3/1/05
"Everything I had 4 You" (plz comment)3/1/05
"Bloody Reality" (please comment)3/1/05
"A day In my Life" (please comment)3/1/05
"Because of H-I-M" (please comment)3/1/05
"Cant you See?" (please commment)3/1/05
"Set Me Free" (please comment)3/1/05
"You've Won" (please comment)2/28/05
"Full Moon" (please comment)2/28/05
"The Picture" (please comment)2/28/05
"Escape" (please comment)2/28/05
"Set me Free" (please comment)2/28/05
"Fuck Off" (please comment)2/28/05
"Dreams" (please comment)2/28/05
"I trusted You" (please comment)2/28/05
"You've Won" (please comment)2/28/05
"Long Lonely Death" (please comment)2/28/05
"Because of Him" (comment please)2/28/05
"My Pain" (please comment)2/28/05
"Burn In Hell" (please comment)2/27/05
"Burn In Hell" (please comment)2/27/05
"Dad, I still Love you" (plz comment)2/27/05
"Couldnt be Here Without You"2/27/05
"I get it" *(comment please)2/27/05
"All most Free" (please comment)2/27/05
"Love You Forever" (please comment)2/27/05
"I think" (PLEASE COMMENT)2/27/05
"You" (please comment)2/27/05
"I trusted You" (please comment"2/27/05
"You dont Understand" (please comment)2/27/05
"Imaginary World" (plz coment if u like)2/27/05
"I need you"2/27/05
"Isolated Cage"2/27/05
"Because of H-I-M"2/27/05
"Fucking People" (please comment)2/27/05
"Because of Him" (please comment)2/26/05
"What I See" (Please Comment)2/26/05
"Escape From Life" (please comment)2/26/05
"The Knife Is My Only Friend"2/26/05
"The Reason Im Depressed"(plz comit)2/26/05
"Couldnt Be Here Without You"2/26/05
"Addictive Pill"2/26/05
"My Secrets"2/26/05
"My Dad"2/26/05
"Wanna Just Die"2/26/05
"Midnight Knife"2/26/05
"Fucked Up"2/26/05
"Deadly Fume"2/26/05
"Ready to Die"2/25/05
"Bloody Reality"2/25/05
"The Ending"2/25/05
"Fucked Up"2/25/05
"Deadly Dreams"(comit if you like it)2/25/05
"Midenight Knife"2/25/05
"My Suicide Note"2/25/05
"Just Wanna Die"2/25/05
"Dreams" (please comit if you life this)2/25/05
"My Dad"2/25/05
"Fucked Up"2/25/05
"My Dad"2/25/05
"The Ending"2/24/05
"My Dad"2/24/05
"Blade" ((coments please))2/24/05
"Long Loney Death"2/24/05
"My Past"2/24/05
"My Story"2/24/05
"My Fatal Goodbye"2/24/05
"yrotS yM ((My Story))"2/24/05
"My Stress"2/24/05
"Long, Lonely Death"2/24/05
"My Fatal Goodbye"2/24/05
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