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xxxvampire_loverxxx's Poetry Profile

Lastest info from xxxvampire_loverxxx:
I love Tyson and most of my poems are dedicated to him unless they say otherwise.

xxxvampire_loverxxx's bio:
I'm a bitch, I love writing poetry and short stories. I love Tyson and shall be with him forever.

Poem TitleDate
For The Rest of My Life4/16/05
I Lay In The Darkness4/11/05
They'll Never Have A Father-PLZ comment4/10/05
my death is b/c of u (2 an old bf)4/5/05
I'll Always Love You (plz comment)4/5/05
Why Do They Hurt Us?4/2/05
Will We Still Feel The Same?4/2/05
Promise Me4/2/05
Time To Let Go (song-plz comment)4/1/05
Where Are You Dad? (song-plz comment)3/30/05
If We Fight Again3/25/05
This Game Called Possession3/25/05
It's My Fault (plz comment)3/24/05
I'll Forever Love You (plz comment!)3/22/05
I'm Forced To Leave You3/20/05
I Can't Help But Cry3/20/05
I Don't Want It Anymore3/20/05
The Reason I Couldn't Stay-plz comment!3/20/05
Tell Me The Truth3/20/05
The Story Keeps Changing (plz comment)3/20/05
random stuff3/15/05
Please, I Love You (plz comment)3/12/05
Never Thought (plz comment)3/8/05
I Wish It'd All Go Away3/7/05
Hold Me Once Again (plz comment)3/6/05
Taking Back What You Stole3/6/05
She's Gone (plz comment)3/5/05
All For You3/4/05
I've Never Realized, Believed or Known..3/4/05
Fade Away (plz comment)3/1/05
Wait One More Day (awesome! plz comment)3/1/05
I Don't Know Why2/27/05
Can't Take It Anymore2/27/05
Torture Dream (plz comment)2/20/05
Who I Really Am2/20/05
When You Fall2/20/05
All I Ever Wanted2/20/05
I Wish You'd Go Away2/20/05
Thank You2/19/05
My Forever Someone2/19/05
My Greatest Fear2/19/05
There's Just Something About You2/19/05
So In Love With You2/19/05
Valentine's Day Sux! (plz comment)2/16/05
What I Want From You2/14/05
Your Little Scapegoat2/13/05
You See My Scars2/13/05
I Want A Life2/13/05
You Assumed Wrong2/11/05
My Yahoo Status Message (it's cool)2/11/05
Everything I Could Ever Want2/10/05
Why Are You Acting So Strange?2/5/05
Our Unanswered Questions2/5/05
Fuck It2/3/05
The Days Go By1/31/05
Time Flies By1/30/05
She Wanders, Taking Souls1/28/05
The Story of Where The Violets Grow1/28/05
After The War (about WW2. plz r/comment)1/28/05
She's All Alone1/27/05
Is Anyone There?1/26/05
Who Are You?1/23/05
All I Have To Ask1/23/05
What Did I See In You?1/23/05
What You Do To Me1/23/05
Now I Hate You1/23/05
You Always Lie1/23/05
it's a long story but im not done w/ it1/23/05
He Said He Loved Me But He Lied1/23/05
I Can't Keep Waiting For You1/23/05
If Love Doesn't Exist1/2/05
A Thousand Words12/31/04
I Said I Loved You, But I Lied12/26/04
He Finally Won12/26/04
I Have Nothing12/25/04
You Mean Nothing To Me12/23/04
You've Made All That Go Away12/19/04
To My Life, My Love12/19/04
My Depression12/19/04
Our Love In Disguise12/19/04
I'm Not Letting You Go12/19/04
They Can't Stop My Love12/19/04
We'll Be Together Again12/19/04
I Thought But Didn't Know12/19/04
You'll Never Know How Much You Mean 2 Me12/19/04
It's Worth It12/19/04
Just Love Me12/16/04
I Love You12/15/04
Why Is It?12/15/04
This Is Where You Leave Me12/14/04
You May Not12/13/04
I Won't Ruin My Life12/12/04
I Don't Forgive You12/11/04
She Just Wasn't Good Enough12/11/04
Out of My Life12/11/04
What I Chose To Do12/11/04
My Question12/11/04
Have You Ever12/11/04
These Feelings For You12/11/04
What About Them?12/11/04
Run Away12/10/04
My Christmas Question12/1/04
Do You Love Me?11/30/04
There's Nothing Anyone Can Do11/24/04
I Don't Know What I'll Do11/24/04
I'd Do Anything11/24/04
I Love You So Much11/24/04
*Can't Wait Until The Day*11/24/04
I Won't Let You Go11/22/04
To Be Held By You Again11/20/04
(Everything I've Ever Wanted)11/20/04
I Know I Said I Wouldn't11/20/04
Could It Be?11/20/04
You're Taking Over Me11/20/04
xSo That Nothing Goes Wrongx11/20/04
I Don't Know What To Do11/18/04
Give Me The Chance11/17/04
These Things That I Want11/17/04
My Sun, My Sky, My Rain, My Everything11/17/04
Falling Without You11/14/04
All Because You Said "Never"11/12/04
What You Don't Know11/3/04
What I've Always Wanted10/28/04
Familiar Rescuer10/24/04
The Next Day10/24/04
Knowing It's Worse10/24/04
I'll Make It10/24/04
Raine, Raine10/23/04
My Bloody Plea10/22/04
When You Hate Your Dad10/22/04
The Things You Say10/22/04
What Would You Do?10/22/04
I've Got To Get Away10/22/04
You're Going Away10/22/04
If I Never Spoke To You Again10/22/04
Am I? Are You?10/22/04
*_These Scars_*10/22/04
if u love someone8/12/04
a broken girl's arm8/12/04
fallen angel8/12/04
Vampire Lover8/11/04
My Beautiful Lover8/11/04
Bleeding Heart8/11/04
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