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fuzzypunkhat's Poetry Profile

fuzzypunkhat's bio:
You know, I love writing, that's all, some of it may confuse you, sorry if it does so. I'm a shy person, yes, secretive. And I fancy writing about mythical creatures(she creatures, women) read my poetry if you like to get interested and pulled into something deeply.

Poem TitleDate
Dear Suicide,3/10/05
The End3/10/05
Used and Abused3/9/05
Shh... I don't love you anymore[Read]3/9/05
Can They2/17/05
Make Me Smile2/17/05
Love and Lies2/17/05
I've Got a Crush on You[Comment/Read plz2/17/05
Birthday Murder Girl2/15/05
Blood Coated Wrists2/15/05
Posers and Punks2/15/05
You're My Everything1/7/05
Depression Y'know1/5/05
Kept from Society1/5/05
When Falling1/5/05
Love Crawling Under My Skin1/5/05
Connecting Empathy to Suicide1/1/05
I Was Just a Girl12/31/04
Only in a Friend's Hands12/30/04
My Family12/30/04
I think and love you again12/30/04
Sleeping With Suicide12/29/04
You're Pretty When You Scream12/26/04
I Tried so Fucking Hard12/26/04
Falling From Innocence12/23/04
Razor Kissed Wrists12/20/04
He Tried To Drown Me12/19/04
There is Love Without Beauty12/16/04
A Liar To You12/16/04
Shattered Tears12/15/04
A Deadly Note12/14/04
Whispered Screams12/14/04
A Lonely Christmas12/13/04
Broken Promises to Suicide12/9/04
The Rules of Suicide12/5/04
What can I do to Keep us Together?11/29/04
A Love Letter that Never Fades11/28/04
A Claw on her Stomach11/27/04
Forgotten Suicidal Faces(READ)11/26/04
Broken Smiles and Fake Joy11/26/04
Blood on the Wall(Read, comment)11/26/04
Suicidal Holiday Note11/25/04
May I Have This Dance?11/25/04
Unforgiven Sin11/25/04
Broken and Forgotten11/25/04
I messed up11/25/04
A Thanksgiving Memorized Wish11/25/04
Uhm woops11/23/04
Icy Eyes11/23/04
Deborah's Death11/23/04
Toxic Release11/23/04
Eff Your Categories11/23/04
Dangerous Touch11/23/04
Bleeding Numbers11/23/04
Torn Wings11/17/04
A little Odd11/17/04
My Crazy Guy11/17/04
Dancing in the Rain11/17/04
Little Girl11/17/04
How did I Lose it11/17/04
Absent Presence11/17/04
Black Heart Ache Blood11/17/04
Sinking Soul11/17/04
Eating Me Away11/17/04
I'm Down Again11/16/04
Those Days11/12/04
It Couldn't Happen11/12/04
Death's Playground11/11/04
Ever Lasting Glimmer11/9/04
Cutting Memories11/9/04
What Lies In The Photo Album11/9/04
Fire Within11/9/04
Hidden Behind A Broken Smile11/9/04
I'm Stronger11/9/04
Black Puddle11/8/04
DayS gO bY11/8/04
A Starry Wish11/8/04
Black Street11/7/04
Dragon Rider Rayne11/7/04
Soul Scavenger11/7/04
Run And Hide11/7/04
Oh My, How Stunning11/7/04
Take it or leave it11/7/04
Death is Your Fault11/7/04
Don't Ask Me Why11/7/04
Can't She Love You11/7/04
That Specific Immortality11/7/04
I'll Take Your Victory11/7/04
It's My Turn Now11/7/04
Death to You My Dear Part II11/6/04
Curiton Rain11/6/04
Holding Helen11/6/04
Anti Forgiven11/6/04
Heaven's Rope11/6/04
Your Life11/3/04
My Wrists11/3/04
My Boy10/29/04
Erased By Time10/12/04
Rissa called Rianne10/12/04
Crimson Rain10/9/04
Death To You My Dear10/9/04
Dark Shadows10/9/04
Life Lesson9/12/04
So Alone9/12/04
Take me away9/6/04
Living A Dead Life9/6/04
Cutting You Away9/4/04
Hold Me While I Crumble9/4/04
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