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blackened_rose's Poetry Profile

Lastest info from blackened_rose:
I'm in a band called Beyond da Broken Sky. We are manely death metal music. I am the song writer. Most of these poems I put up here are song lyrics. So, comments are really needed on them. Please comment on them, because I really need to know what you think for me to improve on the. Thanks for reading my stuff. I hope you like them. :)

blackened_rose's bio:
Hi, I'm Kathee. I'm 6'0 tall, almost black hair, bright blue eyes, and kinda tan skin. I like to play football, and volleyball, and I weight train. I'm ussually a really hyper person, and I like to talk... ALOT! I'm kinda the weird person, so I stick out more in the crowd. I ussually write poerty on how I feel. Alot of the stuff I write are song lyrics for my band. Writing poetry is one way how I like to express myself. It really helps me to relieve anger, so, here are most of my lyrics that I wrie. Enjoy! :)

Poem TitleDate
Long Lost Words3/15/05
Midngiht Run3/15/05
Bleeding Roses Of Inoscence3/15/05
You Don't Know3/15/05
Crowded Streets3/15/05
No One Knows3/15/05
Unkown Wonders3/15/05
The 223/10/05
Werewolf Hunt3/7/05
Wolf Change2/26/05
Midnight Whispers2/26/05
Here We Are, For This is War2/20/05
Fear Rule My Life2/14/05
Fade Away2/14/05
Bleeding For You2/14/05
My Sarrow Unforgiven2/14/05
So Tired2/14/05
Cutted Heart2/14/05
My Haunted2/14/05
Death Purseaing2/3/05
Death Bringer1/31/05
Black Angels Confide1/28/05
Haunted Forest1/26/05
Ruler of Endless Hopes1/11/05
Laid To Forget1/11/05
Forbidden 'Angel'1/11/05
Whispers Untold1/11/05
Haunted Whispers1/9/05
Breathing No More1/9/05
Look Here She Comes1/9/05
Your Hand In Mind1/9/05
Peace, Or Murder?1/9/05
Shadow Land1/9/05
Broken Hope1/9/05
Unseen Hope1/9/05
Sold Me By Bit1/8/05
Ever Wanted to Die?1/8/05
Your Unwanted1/6/05
Haunted Pleasure1/6/05
Unto Thee1/4/05
Didn't Want to Believe1/4/05
A Puzzle Known As Life1/4/05
Condeming Me1/4/05
Send the Message1/4/05
What's Wrong..... With Me?1/4/05
Crushed To Pieces1/4/05
Collection Of Lies1/4/05
Back in the Forest1/3/05
Unborn Child1/3/05
Fly Away1/3/05
No Real Reason1/3/05
Staring Down The Pain1/3/05
No Where Left To Hide1/3/05
Swallow My Pain1/3/05
I Love You Still1/3/05
I Loved You Once1/1/05
Lonely Whispers1/1/05
Beyond Midnight Sky1/1/05
You Fuckin Liar1/1/05
You To Know1/1/05
Do You Think I'm Blind?12/31/04
Lost But Not Forgotten12/31/04
She Had A Gun12/31/04
Do You Think I'm Fakin'?12/31/04
Fuck You Then!12/31/04
Fallen Pieces12/31/04
Death Benethe Lies12/31/04
What I Really Ment To Say12/30/04
Dead and Dry12/30/04
Last Words12/30/04
Pool of Lost Souls12/30/04
Land Of Make Believe12/30/04
Razor Kisses12/28/04
Benethe the Killing Moon12/28/04
Vampiric Addiction12/28/04
Shadow Keeper12/28/04
Shadow Enchanter12/28/04
So Broken, So Cold12/23/04
Children Of Dispair12/22/04
Spoken Whispers12/22/04
Getting Away With Murder12/22/04
My Unnending Love12/22/04
Brenna's Song: Mr. Taco12/22/04
Seek My Broken Heart12/22/04
Darkest Part of You12/21/04
Entising Razor12/21/04
RaZoR Whispers12/21/04
Drowning Soul12/21/04
Burning Flesh12/21/04
The Pulsing Beet12/20/04
Drowning So Slow12/19/04
The Gentle Tug12/19/04
Razor Kiss12/19/04
The Burning Razor12/18/04
Behind Red Roses12/17/04
My Unsaved Hope12/16/04
Black Roses Bleed12/15/04
Black Angels Hide12/13/04
Be My Love12/12/04
Every Fuckin Time12/12/04
I Loved You Then12/2/04
Don't Know Where I Belong11/22/04
Unfrgotten Whispers11/22/04
My Forgotten11/22/04
Once Upon a September11/22/04
Laid To Rest11/22/04
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