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Tainted_Soul_777's Poetry Profile

Lastest info from Tainted_Soul_777:
None really.....on April 28th Cameron and I will be dating for 9 months!

Tainted_Soul_777's bio:
I love Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Kittie, Slipknot, I grew up on ICP, Im pritty honest. My best freind is Cut_Wrist_Risk I know her as Cassy, and my boyfriend Cameron....whoa mama. Pretty Much all my poems are about these 2...there really the only ones I love, however I do care about a lot of people. I hope You like my poetry! I LOVE CAMERON!

Poem TitleDate
I care too much4/17/05
I expect you to forget4/14/05
Giving myself away4/14/05
Cuts part 2 (this is also a story)4/11/05
Cuts part 1 (this is a story)4/11/05
After Forever4/11/05
Its so hard4/11/05
I asked God4/11/05
He isnt worth the pain4/5/05
What I live for-Read please4/1/05
To all uncommenters; FUCK YOU3/31/05
I woke up3/31/05
I tryed not to cry3/31/05
Ill let you know what after life is like3/26/05
So far from perfect...just read please3/26/05
So far from perfect...just read please3/26/05
Your Picture3/26/05
Your Picture3/26/05
American Soliders3/23/05
To keep on breathing3/21/05
Life..... good poem3/17/05
Why do you seem so far away?3/17/05
Just one more...3/16/05
Perfect Girl (Better Poem)3/16/05
What else is there3/16/05
When everything falls apart3/16/05
Forget About Me3/14/05
Im gonna miss you when Im gone.2 CC & CV3/14/05
No way for me to turn3/11/05
The thing that no one knows3/11/05
Still Love3/11/05
I only have myself3/11/05
I still love you3/10/05
Self explainitory3/10/05
No one came3/10/05
On edge3/10/05
Im sick of being me3/10/05
Broken Mirror3/9/05
Forgive Me3/9/05
Too weak3/9/05
Why does God do this?3/9/05
Im afraid of being without you3/7/05
What Else?3/6/05
Day after Day3/6/05
Napoleon Dynomite3/4/05
Giving In3/4/05
I wish3/1/05
Another Day without you3/1/05
Slipping Away2/27/05
I owe you my life2/26/05
About You2/21/05
No one else2/8/05
No one else2/7/05
If you let me2/6/05
It doesnt mean anything-very good poem2/4/05
More Important2/4/05
He tells me it every night2/3/05
Forgive the people2/1/05
Dont wanna waste another minute1/31/05
Another Love Poem1/31/05
Closing your wounds1/31/05
Hit me1/30/05
All I have1/30/05
Take a bullet for you1/28/05
She hates the world1/27/05
I fell in love with you1/23/05
I fell in love with you1/23/05
I hope Im the one1/23/05
I'll never leave you1/23/05
Continue to yell1/23/05
Something that happend to you1/23/05
Joyful Girl1/23/05
The hand you hold1/23/05
Rest of my Life1/23/05
Leaving Me1/11/05
Heavens Too Far COMMENT PLEASE1/9/05
Broken Commet PLEASE1/9/05
Too far gone COMMENT PLEASE1/9/05
Not with you COMMENT PLEASE1/9/05
Alone Comment Please1/9/05
Believe Me1/9/05
In the morning and the night1/9/05
The pain of cutting COMMENT PLEASE1/9/05
Trying to be COMMENT PLEASE1/9/05
The sweetest thing COMMENT PLEASE1/9/05
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