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Khaotic's Poetry Profile

Khaotic's bio:
I write 'Dark/Emo Poetry'

Poem TitleDate
Fatal Christmas Card (*special*)-comment4/8/05
Insane Lies4/8/05
Killer's Poem4/8/05
Feeling's Hidden4/8/05
I Make Them Go Away4/8/05
The Sky4/8/05
Dark Room4/8/05
Such Pain!4/8/05
Deadly Ways (#59)4/8/05
Forever Forgotten4/8/05
The Sun Ends Me4/8/05
She Is More Dead4/8/05
Why Why?4/8/05
She's Thrown Away4/8/05
Too Late4/8/05
Death Is The Way4/8/05
Took Apart of Me4/8/05
Love For Her4/8/05
Pushing MySelf4/8/05
Tell Me4/8/05
Something Dark4/8/05
Time Will Come4/8/05
Hate & Love4/8/05
No More4/8/05
Rest In Peace4/8/05
Crossing My Path4/8/05
Her Scream4/8/05
Ripping Them Apart4/8/05
Can't Find4/8/05
Twisted Mind4/8/05
Silent Hill4/8/05
Can't Relate To You4/8/05
No Place4/8/05
a Place4/8/05
This Pain4/8/05
Broken Free4/8/05
She Want's To Die4/8/05
Written Down4/8/05
Bring Back4/8/05
Dont Look At Me4/8/05
Pain of Sorrow4/8/05
Dark For You4/8/05
No Love For Me4/8/05
We Are One4/8/05
Your Messed Up4/8/05
You'd Never Say Never!4/8/05
Find Your Mind4/8/05
So Dead Inside4/8/05
Break The Edge4/8/05
You Took, I Took4/8/05
I Can't Be Free4/8/05
Your Crushed Desires4/8/05
Someone Hates Me4/8/05
Nothing From You4/8/05
Pushing Me Up4/8/05
Give Me a Plug (into reality)4/8/05
In The Night4/8/05
Darkest Night4/8/05
Looking Into My Eyes4/8/05
You Can't See The Truth4/8/05
Harmony Of 7th Day of Death4/8/05
Silent Whisper4/8/05
Dawned On Me4/8/05
Dead Clown4/8/05
Breaking At Me4/8/05
Her Ghost4/8/05
She Is Dark4/8/05
Since You Left Me4/8/05
Please Remember Me4/8/05
Lost In The Fog4/8/05
Will You Die Today?4/8/05
She Is Mocking4/8/05
Unreal Reality4/8/05
Where Is My Mind?4/8/05
Am I Unreal?4/8/05
They Can't Take Me Down!4/8/05
As You Stand By Me!4/8/05
Searching For You!4/8/05
Through My Mind4/8/05
Time Will Tell4/8/05
Who Will Fight?4/8/05
The Trend4/8/05
Always Wanting Needing4/8/05
Loosing Control4/8/05
Looking Into Her Eyes4/8/05
Waisted Hours4/8/05
Fighting Reality4/8/05
In The Silence4/8/05
Take Back What's Mying4/8/05
Release It All4/8/05
Lost In Insanity4/8/05
Always Been Taken4/8/05
Want To Escape4/8/05
Ghost City4/8/05
Tried To Be Sorry4/8/05
Fear Gives Courage4/8/05
Can't Let Her Go4/8/05
Stalker Inside4/8/05
Lost Control4/8/05
Inside My Dream4/8/05
Evolution To Revolution (to everyone)4/8/05
Your Loosing Faith4/8/05
Needle of Life4/8/05
My Feelings4/8/05
Made Me Go Away4/8/05
Pierce My Mind4/8/05
So Lately4/8/05
Something So Dark4/8/05
It Won't Ever Be4/8/05
Outside of You Murdered4/8/05
Forget Me Now!4/8/05
Evil To Rise!4/8/05
Something Needed4/8/05
Never Wanted To Be4/8/05
So Trapped Inside!4/8/05
Fallen From Me4/8/05
What's Not There4/8/05
Glistening of Evil4/8/05
Her Unknown Darkness4/6/05
My Time Is Running Out!4/6/05
Everything Is Gone4/6/05
So Insane4/6/05
Stuck Unto Me Forever4/6/05
How Long Will I Live?(your jealousy)4/6/05
Are You Ready To See?4/6/05
Who To Take Blame?4/6/05
Leaving Me To Be?4/6/05
Something To Hold On?4/6/05
Can't Hide Away4/6/05
Killed Me4/6/05
Can't Think Anymore (they hate)4/6/05
Dead Is My Dream's4/6/05
Finding What's Not There4/6/05
Living This Way4/6/05
Make Me Die Away4/6/05
Alone Here4/6/05
Am I Really Alive?4/6/05
Loving You!4/6/05
1,2,3 Realizing4/6/05
Unsecurity Life4/6/05
Your Dead Within!4/6/05
Love Taken Away!4/6/05
Psychopathic Message4/6/05
It's My Time!4/6/05
Is It Meant For Me?4/6/05
Stuckup Angel4/6/05
Define To4/6/05
Something Not There4/6/05
Murder Is Pain Is Game4/6/05
Wicked Way's4/6/05
My Time Is Fading4/6/05
Make Me Be4/6/05
Let Me See4/6/05
Digged My Grave!4/6/05
My Pain Grow's4/6/05
Left To Die4/6/05
Temporarely Broken4/6/05
It Kill's Me4/6/05
It Killed You Already4/6/05
Can't Take Back4/6/05
Popularity Trend4/6/05
My Own Destiny4/6/05
Open Wound's4/6/05
It Swallow's4/6/05
Psychotic Image's4/6/05
Life of Her Death4/6/05
Hide Myself4/6/05
She Murder's4/6/05
Hide Always4/6/05
Nightmare's Is Love4/6/05
Don't Look Away4/6/05
Dear Girl4/6/05
It Control's4/6/05
Under The Knife4/6/05
This Thing4/6/05
The Messages4/6/05
Banned From The World4/6/05
Dying Dreams4/6/05
Living Affair4/6/05
Hiding From It4/6/05
Across The Sky4/6/05
Blood Signed4/6/05
My Own Target4/6/05
Frozen Abyss4/6/05
Enslaved Dreams4/6/05
Your Pain Increases!4/6/05
Trapped By Hate!4/6/05
Existing Hiding4/6/05
Torment Awakening4/6/05
No Way To Escape4/6/05
Inner Suicide4/6/05
It Came Today4/6/05
Can't You Just Die4/6/05
Die The Other Way4/6/05
In Your Way4/6/05
No More Help!4/6/05
Follow The Plan4/6/05
Pit of Sorrow4/6/05
Killing You Mentaly4/6/05
Fighting Myself4/6/05
Just Fight4/6/05
The Moral's4/6/05
Look Into The Stars4/6/05
Unknown To Me4/6/05
The Thought's4/6/05
Raging Enslaved4/6/05
Subliminal Answers4/6/05
When Can I Leave?4/6/05
Let Me Fade Away4/6/05
The Problems4/6/05
Into Disguise4/6/05
Your Own Demise4/6/05
Seed's of Hatered4/6/05
Path's Changed4/6/05
Left Alone Inside4/6/05
Before I Awake!4/6/05
Release The Lies!4/6/05
Locked In You4/6/05
My Sorrow4/6/05
Mental Health4/6/05
Fight My Way Out4/6/05
Deep Within4/6/05
New Death4/6/05
Can't Ever4/6/05
The Evidence4/6/05
Driving Me To The Edge4/6/05
Same Way4/6/05
They Do4/6/05
Sealed Away4/6/05
Inside a Dark World4/6/05
Run To4/6/05
Atomic Gun4/6/05
The Morning4/6/05
Your Mistake4/6/05
Empty Shells4/6/05
Change The World4/6/05
Cost of a Human Soul4/6/05
Eternal Peace4/6/05
When She Cry's4/6/05
No Remorse4/6/05
a Glympse4/6/05
Remember Me4/6/05
Break The Wall!4/6/05
Your Dark Path4/6/05
Your Judgement4/6/05
Roam Unto4/6/05
Israel's Death4/6/05
Left You For Dead4/6/05
You Dug4/6/05
Within Your Soul!4/6/05
Death Has Tooken You4/6/05
Her Desires!4/6/05
She Is Gone4/6/05
Dead On Cement4/6/05
So Selfish!4/6/05
Erased From Reality4/6/05
Unsolved Messes4/6/05
Deep Down Feelings4/6/05
The Darkest Day4/6/05
No Promises4/6/05
False Attempts4/6/05
Heart of Dark Silence4/6/05
Kill Myself!4/6/05
No Longer Exists!4/6/05
War of Evil4/6/05
All In My Mind!4/6/05
See My Demise!4/6/05
Are We Doomed?4/6/05
Decaying Life4/6/05
Sleep Tight4/6/05
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