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I don't know.

Open_Until_4Am's bio:
I'm the kid your parents don't like you even knowing about.I'm troubled.I have no self etseem.I hate all the things around me.Just read the poems of my life. You can like them or hate them.Doesn't matter to me as long as I get my say about it all.My name is Nickie.I'm 15.and I'm looking for away out.

Poem TitleDate
It's perfectly okayy!4/16/05
Smiled on your Dying day!4/16/05
Never was MINE4/14/05
Love is My Enemy!3/29/05
Dear Brother of mine..3/12/05
Can you see me smiling?3/12/05
Let me back in again...3/12/05
Close my eyes to see the dark..3/12/05
Now your gone, and I know it!2/10/05
No more talking, I hate thinking!2/8/05
Hello There! (My Reflection)2/8/05
((**What a Sucker**))1/28/05
**Let down**1/23/05
**Tired of a feeling!**1/23/05
**No worries!(I promise!)**1/23/05
::Hate me::1/7/05
`::Reaction from me::'1/7/05
Once had....1/5/05
A nightmare that I live!1/4/05
:::Lost from me:::1/3/05
*Attention How sweet it can be*12/31/04
(So this is what I got)12/28/04
(There's no point to me or her)12/26/04
**(Your in my mind!)**12/23/04
What was I supposed to say?12/23/04
(*want nothing at all*)12/18/04
We want it and we know just what we need12/18/04
~^!Oh my Beautiful!^~12/17/04
+!Losted and Scared!+12/13/04
!!Stupid Girl!!12/9/04
*+I said I hated you, but now..+*12/1/04
*+Used and Unwanted+*12/1/04
.*Easy Girl, Death by friends*.11/30/04
.*A letter to myself*.11/30/04
*(Paint an image of something perfect)*11/30/04
*(Played My Heart)*11/29/04
*(Pull me up again)*11/29/04
::!Oh I hate what this is!::11/28/04
[(Blood shot red)]11/25/04
[(He still doesn't get it!)]11/25/04
[(Image what you want)]11/25/04
::*Once more how I feel after a fight*::11/24/04
::don't wanna keep going through::11/23/04
::Daddy won once again, I'm the loser!::11/23/04
*::Why am I to blame?::*11/21/04
::Weak, but I can say I am::11/19/04
::everything is just wrong::11/19/04
::Up's n Down's in love::11/18/04
::Friends Bite::11/17/04
::Wishes are Fake::11/16/04
Label says:Ruined!11/15/04
I don't know what they want!11/4/04
Tell me you Believe in me!10/31/04
Your Untouchable,but Also Breakable10/30/04
Broken Down, Fallin Apart10/29/04
Losts words tell me what's gone!10/23/04
Words Of Wisdom10/21/04
Calling out for Help!10/18/04
All I'm choked up to be.10/13/04
Spill my guts out!10/13/04
Me..Oh great!10/11/04
Give up on it all!10/8/04
Listen to me!10/5/04
No reason to believe!10/5/04
Dear Jesus, Are you listen?10/4/04
Love is for Day Dreamer10/3/04
*Hate it each & every passing day*10/2/04
Everything I can seem to be10/2/04
Yes, I hope it does someday!10/1/04
Pain of what used to be great!!9/30/04
Where is my big sister now?9/21/04
Look at what you've done to me.9/18/04
Let's get real! You blow!9/16/04
No wonder why!9/16/04
No one wants me to be.9/4/04
Now I know what to say!9/2/04
Who I am? Feelings..9/2/04
Chances are...1.... 2 Nothing8/31/04
Faked you out!8/20/04
This Time It Wasn't Fake8/20/04
Blinded by your light!8/20/04
Stars Fallright in front of me8/16/04
This Person will never be loved again8/16/04
<_It's 10 pM aLl OvEr AgAiN_>8/12/04
I draw pictures on my walls8/12/04
Seeing is not BEING8/10/04
Feelings Burn</338/10/04
<--..Playing Pretend..-->8/6/04
Living the life I never wanted..7/27/04
Letting go of Everything7/27/04
You never knew7/21/04
Let me Go Let me bE7/17/04
Lost In yoU7/17/04
My Every Fear6/23/04
If Only I wasn6/17/04
Stuck Here in Misery6/12/04
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