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insanebitch2000's bio:
I love writting poetry. Its my thing when im not with friends or anything like that i write poetry. Not all of its true. When i say i want to kill something or someone or something like that i dont mean it, i write it because im pissed so dont worry.I know most of them are dark and some evil but its what i feel inside and what i think so please leave a comment for every one you look at.

Poem TitleDate
Obsessive teenager11/22/04
The Immortality League11/22/04
Dark Death11/22/04
Self Hatred11/22/04
A thoughtful desire11/22/04
All alone11/22/04
The dark boy11/22/04
I wont ever....11/22/04
The end of all things11/22/04
Red Roses11/22/04
The Black Winged Angel11/17/04
Unlike You11/15/04
Unfeigned Dreams11/15/04
A Blissfull Morning11/15/04
Love's Sweet Fantasy11/15/04
Kill Me Now11/15/04
Dream Of Evil11/15/04
Her Angelic Fate11/15/04
Deaths Voice11/15/04
Hells Fury11/15/04
Darkness consumes11/15/04
Bleeding Beauty11/15/04
Jane Doe--Her Murder11/15/04
The Painter11/15/04
A Bleeding Prayer11/15/04
Phantom Pain10/29/04
Dead Love10/29/04
The evil within10/29/04
Open your eyes10/26/04
Demons of Death10/26/04
Satanic Desperation10/26/04
Vamps From Hell10/26/04
Beginning of the End10/26/04
Unloved And Unnoticed10/26/04
The Mirror Is Mocking You10/26/04
Darkness in Disguise10/26/04
Angel of Darkness10/21/04
Within my silent soul10/21/04
Burn in hell10/21/04
My nightmare angel10/21/04
As i thirst for blood10/21/04
Bolts and Chains Hold Me Down10/21/04
Gothic Revelation10/21/04
My Stained Glass Window10/21/04
Evil Spirits Live Inside of Me10/21/04
Blank Dark Stares10/21/04
The Rain Song10/21/04
A Starlight Wish10/18/04
Open Your Eyes10/18/04
My Death10/15/04
Broken Inside10/15/04
Suicide Innocence10/15/04
I hate you....because i still love you10/15/04
Before a good friend dies10/15/04
The worst nightmare10/15/04
Your Missed and Loved10/15/04
Garden Of Shadows10/15/04
Kill me now10/15/04
Stories Painfull Sang10/15/04
Psycho Theory10/15/04
My disturbing desire10/15/04
Dream of evil10/15/04
Darkened Fantasy10/15/04
Suicide Nothings10/15/04
Judgement of a terrorist10/15/04
Suicide Flirt10/15/04
A girl in the dark10/15/04
This Breathe Is My Very Last10/15/04
Forever Broken10/15/04
Blood Blood10/15/04
Murder Murder10/15/04
Keeps on smiling10/14/04
Hidding in the darkness10/14/04
That girl was really me10/14/04
Living in the shadows10/14/04
My secret world10/14/04
Gothic Dreams10/14/04
Blood Crys10/14/04
Darkness Grows10/14/04
The last night of the cheat10/14/04
Death is my path10/14/04
The Forgotten Soldier10/13/04
Truth Hurts10/13/04
Satans Wants10/12/04
My Dying Soul10/11/04
You Are Who You Eat10/11/04
Darkness in my life10/11/04
This world does not amuse me10/11/04
This world does not amuse me10/11/04
Welcome to my Home10/11/04
The Living Dead10/11/04
Fourteen with a baby10/11/04
Empty Hole10/11/04
The Shadow Of Death10/11/04
Silently Pain Kills10/11/04
Infernal Sanctum10/11/04
Petals Red as Blood10/11/04
My Glorious Dystopia10/11/04
Tears of Blood10/11/04
Dark Halo10/11/04
A Vision of Death10/11/04
Sanity of a Madman10/11/04
Darkeye Blessed10/11/04
Facing the Rain10/11/04
Look Past my Eyes and See10/11/04
The chain of sickness10/7/04
Death has come10/7/04
Live again10/7/04
No longer pure10/7/04
The secret little room10/7/04
A life of a pyro10/7/04
Fusing with evil10/7/04
Gods and Demons10/7/04
Fusing with evil10/6/04
Midnight Slayer10/6/04
Hazel Spirit10/6/04
Satans Daughter10/6/04
A rose of the devil10/6/04
Forgotten Soul10/6/04
Lost Soul10/6/04
The Forgotten10/6/04
The Valley Of Lost Souls10/6/04
Haunted Soul10/6/04
The Nightmare Chamber10/6/04
Soul of Darkness10/6/04
Dig me a grave10/6/04
A Child's Fragile loss10/6/04
Satan's Dream10/5/04
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