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psycho_bunny's Poetry Profile

Lastest info from psycho_bunny:
The usual as usual.

psycho_bunny's bio:
Facts: I am moody, self hating, self loving, awesome, freakish, a guitar player, a writer, contradicting, condescending, an ignorance loather, pretty, brilliant, deep, insane, and sometimes bitter... I like to draw, take nature walks, swim in creeks, cuss, and annoy people. Wanna know more? ............ Didn't think so.

Poem TitleDate
Hilltop Dream3/15/05
Hunted Down3/10/05
Confidence Boost3/10/05
Unnamed Pieces2/25/05
Natural Night2/20/05
Questions and Answers2/20/05
Life Reminder2/19/05
A Confusing Life and One Dead End2/19/05
Hold Tight2/18/05
I Hope You Know2/11/05
I Try2/9/05
My Light In The Darkness2/4/05
She's As Pretty As Can Be1/27/05
Rainy Days1/23/05
For You and You Only1/6/05
The Human Race1/6/05
Loving Desire1/5/05
Ballroom Fantasy1/5/05
Secret Tears1/4/05
The Different Stand Alone1/4/05
Perfect Is No Longer12/17/04
To Long And Yet To Short12/16/04
Written For You12/13/04
My Heart Is Yours12/13/04
Making No Sense12/13/04
Loving You In Misery12/4/04
Smiling Through The Tears11/30/04
Sucky 1411/25/04
24 Years11/15/04
Sweet Serenity10/27/04
A Different Kind Of Love10/19/04
Letter To The Lost10/19/04
The Truth Of Us10/5/04
Shadowed Secrets9/25/04
Workings of a Damaged Mind9/22/04
Things I do9/17/04
Feelings For You9/12/04
Through and Through9/8/04
The Shadows9/8/04
Last Night9/6/04
I Cant Get Over You9/6/04
Fading Summer9/6/04
Love Sick9/4/04
You And Me9/4/04
Dreams Come True9/1/04
True Hero8/29/04
Your Just Awesome8/29/04
Insane Am I8/27/04
Holding On To You8/26/04
Loseing You8/26/04
I Am Who I Am!8/24/04
Brighter Then Before8/23/04
The Way I Am8/23/04
Dying Rose8/19/04
Pain I Caused8/19/04
Stupid Emotion's8/18/04
Confussion Of Me8/17/04
Forever Love8/17/04
Nights Creature8/17/04
Moody Beauty8/14/04
Higher Then Most8/13/04
Mistake I Made8/11/04
Sun Rise On The Darkness8/10/04
Tortured Love8/10/04
Waiting In The Shadows8/10/04
Dying Without You8/9/04
I'm The Angel For You8/9/04
Place Of Smiles8/9/04
Chanting Lies8/8/04
It's Hell Without You8/7/04
Dark Dreams Of You8/6/04
I Hope8/4/04
My Insperation8/3/04
Her Fate8/3/04
Insane Insanity8/1/04
Singing a Song For Death7/31/04
Guilty Love7/30/04
Revenge For The Haunted Soul7/28/04
River Of Control7/26/04
My Night Wishes7/26/04
Black Path7/25/04
Just Simply You7/25/04
Thorned Beauty7/22/04
Killing My Heart Ever Faster7/22/04
Time Will Tell7/21/04
Its My Fault7/21/04
You Cant Say No7/20/04
All I Can Do Is Love You7/20/04
Show Me The Meaning Of Love7/20/04
Fun Days7/19/04
My Heart's Already Broken7/19/04
Frown Not7/18/04
My Love For You7/17/04
Day After Day7/17/04
The Pain I Feel Inside7/15/04
Demonic Kitten7/14/04
Poem Thrown Away7/14/04
Screwed Up7/6/04
Imaginary Love7/3/04
The Doom6/26/04
The Darkness and The Light6/25/04
This Hell6/24/04
Yours Forever6/21/04
One Day6/21/04
My Everything6/20/04
Often Crash6/20/04
My Bleeding Heart6/20/04
My Father To A "T"6/20/04
Dawn To Dusk6/20/04
The Only One For Me6/16/04
The World We Live In6/16/04
Dream World6/10/04
How I Hate You6/4/04
My World Is Crashing Down5/27/04
You Free Me5/24/04
Driven To The Edge4/15/04
Words You Say4/14/04
I Prefer To Dance Alone4/14/04
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