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Poem TitleDate
How is it wrong?(plz comment)4/15/05
i wish i never heard...4/10/05
i never ment to be...4/10/05
dad....why?(plz comment)4/10/05
Dad, you're an ass!!!(plz comment)4/10/05
daddy..i dont understand4/10/05
Waiting To Die(plz comment)4/9/05
My Last Breath(plz comment)4/9/05
This Girl's Suicide(pls.comment)4/9/05
Guess This Nursery Rhyme! (Pls. Read)4/9/05
Possession(plz comment)4/9/05
Broken dreams and...(plz comment)4/9/05
Why Dad?(plz comment)4/9/05
dad cant you see?(plz comment)4/9/05
Not A Daddys Girl(comments plz)4/9/05
fuck you too father.....(plz comment)4/9/05
kill me now (comment plz!!!)4/9/05
friends?(plz comment)4/8/05
To bad for friends(plz comment)4/8/05
Black Tears of My Broken Heart(comment)4/8/05
my secret dream guy (plz comment)4/4/05
Song of Death(plz comment)!4/4/05
Master of Illusion(comment plz plz plz)4/4/05
u may h8 me 4 this(NOT POEM)4/4/05
Love's Curse(plz comment)4/3/05
I Was Happy(plz comment)4/3/05
Just Another Day....(comment)4/3/05
Twizted Nursery Rhymes #1: Mary Had A...4/3/05
you have me(comment dudes!)4/3/05
the room (plz comment)4/2/05
Fear(plz read ad comment)4/2/05
WAR! (comment plz plz plz plz plz)4/2/05
Hell's Angel of Death(plz comment plz!!)4/2/05
cuts...(comment plz plz)4/1/05
Bullets and bone(plz comment)4/1/05
The Fear Inside(plz comment)4/1/05
im dead...(plz comment)4/1/05
a tape (comment lol)3/30/05
Insane vs. Sanity(plz comment)3/30/05
When i died(plz comment)3/30/05
last phone call (plz comment)3/30/05
why would you?(plz comment)3/30/05
Darkness darkness(comment plz)3/30/05
Broken Dreams and Pleasant Nightmares3/30/05
My Reflection(plz comment)3/30/05
Hurt(plz comment)3/30/05
{not titled} plz comment3/30/05
Pain of remembering(plz comment)3/30/05
Lonely Heart(plz comment)3/30/05
The pain from within(plz comment)3/29/05
Guilty Dreams(plz comment)3/29/05
Pain(plz comment)3/29/05
Pain and Sorrow(plz comment)3/29/05
my unfortuate life....(plz comment)3/29/05
A curse (plz comment)3/21/05
Crimson Be Your Paint(plz comment)3/21/05
book of dead (plz comment)3/21/05
From Death Forges Life (plz comment)3/14/05
Fuck shit up (plz comment)3/12/05
The cry (plz comment)3/12/05
Black Rose (comment plz)3/12/05
A Chance Encounter with Death(comment!)3/12/05
tale of life(plz comment)3/12/05
Im tired (plz comment)3/12/05
Dark Cloud(plz comment)3/12/05
Dark Hours(plz comment)3/6/05
The Soldier(plz comment)3/6/05
Reflection(plz comment)3/5/05
Children of Pain(plz comment)3/4/05
Drowing (plz comment)3/4/05
life reli reli sucks...(plz comment)3/4/05
Past Nightmares...(comment plz)3/4/05
Shadows of alone and afraid..(comment)3/4/05
I Couldn't Protect You...3/4/05
Fragile and Broken3/4/05
Goodbye abuse(comments plz)3/4/05
Hear my cries(plz comment)3/4/05
Dream Come True Shattered3/4/05
Streched(comment plz)3/4/05
Lord of death(plz comment)3/4/05
Chained To Pain(please comment)3/3/05
self distruction(comment plz)3/3/05
Hunting Shadows(comment plz)3/3/05
i will (comment plz)3/3/05
again and again(comment plz)3/2/05
Angel of darkness3/2/05
The gift of death (plz comment)3/2/05
layers of myself(plz comment)!!!!!!!!!!!3/2/05
The Devil By Any Other Name...(comments)3/2/05
miracle(plz comment)3/2/05
inner demons(comment plz)3/2/05
Every cut(comments plz)3/2/05
Betrayed by the light3/2/05
Horrible Headache....3/2/05
Im sorry (comment plz)3/2/05
My thought of today(plz comment)3/2/05
death comes calling (plz comment)3/2/05
death who?(comment plz)3/1/05
tending my grave (plz comment)3/1/05
Prince of flames (plz comment)3/1/05
My dark corner (plz comment)3/1/05
Love's Treacherous Grave3/1/05
hail satan3/1/05
in darkness3/1/05
Watching Her Dreams3/1/05
Save me3/1/05
Beneath a Stone3/1/05
Passion Without Flesh3/1/05
you said (plz comment)3/1/05
Dream Come True Shattered(plz comment!)3/1/05
this place2/28/05
its there2/28/05
home/belong (please comment!)2/28/05
she hides(leave a comment please)2/27/05
all alone(please leave a comment)2/27/05
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